27 Jun 2014

Glastonbury day preview - Saturday (Part 2 of 3)

In the second instalment of our Glastonbury day previews, we're having a look at who's playing tomorrow in a field in Somerset. Unless you're going to put up with a certain must-miss metal band, here are some essentials to see on Saturday.

Top Pick: Pixies (21.00, The Other Stage)

Who else? Boston's legendary alternative rock band Pixies look to play their first Glastonbury show since the Surfer Rosa days, and boy is it something exciting. Although they've got a new, alright, badly-titled album out, Pixies will be the best band on the bill if they stick to the older stuff. I mean, Greens and Blues would be a nice edition, but the one thing that would make Pixies' set special would be the inclusion of lesser-known classics, like Nimrod's Son, Rock Music, and their cover of the Mary Chain's Head On...

RSVP (12.00, The Glade)
Their unique blend of Bhangra and alternative rock has made RSVP a Glastonbury mainstay. Whilst they're not as technically gifted as Jack White, RSVP are the most entertaining band you'll see all weekend, and if you're at a loose end on Saturday morning they're the ones to see.

The Fat White Family (15.00, The John Peel Stage)
Whilst their controversial statements (like that fantastic one where they venomously slagged off AM for a few pages) so frequently get them onto the first few papers of the music press, their music more than does the talking. Whilst they bear similarity to the likes of the Libertines and the Strokes, The Fat Whites also take influence from the more vulgar sounding alternative bands of the last 30 years - and I mean vulgar in the best sense of the word. They should certainly put on a show.

Jack White (19.30, Pyramid Stage)
Although at this time the Pyramid Stage's crowd will probably be packed to the brim with aged 'rockers', who'll tell you that you're too young to like 'real' music, it's just the place to be at 7.30. The godlike genius of Jack White and his new album Lazaretto is set to Blitz the Pyramid Stage with a variety of Bluesy modern classics.

Mogwai (23.00, Park Stage)
Mogwai recently made the news by saying that they weren't worried that Metallica would steal their thunder, because Metallica are not just 'incredibly bad', but 'shite'. But aside from their distaste for Metallica, Mogwai's exceptionally beautiful post-rock is probably the best way to close off Saturday. With Rave Tapes being such a fine album and their discography being so rich, Mogwai can't go wrong.

TOY (21.00, William's Green)
The William's Green is a real hidden gem. On Saturday, it's the pick of the stages, with TOY probably being the pick of the bands. Tom Dougall's five piece that play Loop-come-NEU! style music are one of the finest bands on the scene at the moment, and their album Join the Dots was one of the finest of last year. The rest of the stage's Saturday line-up is just brilliant; the highlights are as follows: at 11.00 in the morning, Dark Bells open the proceedings with their vintage-style pysch, then at 13.00 off of the back of new album Soft Friday Coves take to stage, to then be followed by The Wytches - who seem like some sort of emerging cult band, because everyone who's into them is into them, you know? Then, at 16.00 the legendary psychedelic band the Bevis Frond take to the stage, with the last other notable highlight being Temples, who also played yesterday (Friday) before proceedings are closed by the fresh from KOKO Buttoned Down Disco. The William's Green stage is the place to be for all your psychedelic needs.

Manic Street Preachers (19.30, The Other Stage)
Although it's hard to like a band whose lead songwriter publicly stated "I will always hate Slowdive more than Hitler", The Manics are almost as good as everyone said. Although they've dropped plans to play The Holy Bible in full, a hit-packed Manics set would be fantastic. And you'd be in a good place for Pixies as well, which would probably be my main motif for seeing them.

Royal Blood (14.00, John Peel Stage)
The two piece that give "drum 'n' bass" a new meaning take to Wrothy Farm for the first time. Their set should provide a great pre-Fat Whites atmosphere, and with their debut on the horizon, Royal Blood will be worth watching no matter what.

Courtney Barnett (17.00, John Peel Stage)
I've mentioned her in the last post, and I was debating not putting her in this one, but it's so essential you see Courtney and this is your second chance. The wonderfully voiced Australian singer songwriter looks again to be one of the picks of the day, I couldn't recommend her enough...  I mean if you need any more convincing, look at this video...

(written by Calum Cashin)