15 Jun 2014

May/June Purchases: Records

I have been lucky enough to visit both London and Brighton throughout May and June, two places where records are a lot easier to come across than where I live. I set out on a mission to add sought after LP's and singles to my ever-growing record collection, and it resulted in purchases of 8 albums and 19 singles. I have managed to narrow down my purchases to my top 3 LP's and top 3 singles and tell you why I adore them so much.


Luminous / The Horrors
The Horrors new LP released May 5th, 2014, is one of my favourite purchases this month, along with a ticket to see this brilliantly innovative band live in September. It is the fourth studio album by the British band, combining neo-psychadelic influences and wonderful originality to produce ten tracks of electronic excellence. I bought the double LP from Rough Trade in Brick Lane and it was certainly worth it. Two records of pure brilliance with the stand out tracks being 'So Now You Know,' 'Jealous Sun' and 'I See You.' 
Rating - 8/10

Eat To The Beat / Blondie
Riding on the fantastic success of Parallel Lines, Blondie's fourth studio album released October 1979 is my personal favourite Blondie album. Forget Parallel Lines, this album has a much better selection of singles including the iconic 'Dreaming' and 'Atomic.' This record was purchased in Brighton in one of the brilliant record shops down the North Lanes. Not only does this album contain three of the best singles Blondie have ever done, but the tracks inbetween such as 'Die Young Stay Pretty' and the title track 'Eat To The Beat' keep up the brilliant feel to the album. 
Rating - 9/10

Disintegration / The Cure
The eighth studio album by rock band, The Cure, was released in May 1989. The album contains the classic singles 'Lullaby,' 'Pictures Of You' and 'Lovesong.' Bought on a market in Brick Lane, this album was a pivotal point at which the band returned to the 'gothic rock' style they had become famous for in the early 80's. I adore this album and have longed to possess it as part of my collection for ages, and now I do I can assure you it is definitely being played to its full potential. I couldn't talk about this album without talking about the importance of Robert Smith and how his dislike for the bands new found popularity caused him to relapse with his use of drugs, thus forming one of the most controversially creative albums ever. 
Rating - 8/10


Little Monster / Royal Blood
The second single from Brighton duo Royal Blood is an incredibly strong showcase of this up-and-coming band's talent. I was lucky enough to see Royal Blood support Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park earlier in May and the sound that Mike Kerr (bass & vocals) and Ben Thatcher (drums) was almost unbelievable. To create such an enormous sound that it commands the attention of 50,000 people through the use of a single drum kit and a bass guitar is one that should be admired. This single not only contains one of the best b-sides I have ever heard, but it also demonstrates the incredible potential of this band. 
Rating - 10/10

Calling All The Heroes / It Bites
The 1986 single that threw previously formed English band It Bites into the spotlight is one of my favourite songs of all times. Located on Brick Lane market, this single is the perfect blend of 80's brilliance and pop-rock. Not only does it make you want to sing your heart out and dance along, but once you start listening to the lyrics you realise it's not just a catchy pop song, but it really has some meaning to it. A simple classic that should always be remembered for its utmost excellence.
Rating - 8/10

Fashion / David Bowie
One of my favourite singles from 80's era Bowie, this genius record was bought once again in a Brick Lane market. In-keeping with the eccentricity of its predecessor 'Ashes to Ashes, 'Fashion' is a combination of funk and new wave, strung together with the signature recurring of 'beep beep' and lyrics that formed ironic references to the up and coming New Romantic movement. This song is not only one of Bowie's best singles, but it plays on the fact that he has been called a fashion icon for years, and still continues to be a phenomenal influence on music and fashion alike. 
Rating - 10/10