20 Jun 2014

Snap Out Of It: Video Review

Arctic Monkeys. One of my personal favourite bands, fresh from two massive sold out shows at London's Finsbury Park and still riding on the success of their fifth number one album, this band are on fire. 'AM' was released last year and it went went straight to number one and it has been the album that's really propelled the four lads from Sheffield into the spotlight. The first three singles, R U Mine?, Do I Wanna Know and Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? were just as successful, and the fourth and fifth singles, One For The Road and Arabella followed suit. When Arctic Monkeys announced that a sixth single would be released, it seemed slightly excessive, and all the more disappointing when it was announced to be Snap Out Of It, one of the more mediocre songs from AM. However, as they are one of my favourite bands, I went in with an open mind, hoping that the video would be able to make me slightly more fond of the song.. I was fairly discouraged from the moment the video began.

It seems that the band have decided to steer away from the attention for this video and resort to the age-old motto that "sex sells," as the very first shot is a woman in a fairly skimpy bathing suit exiting a pool. 

As the video goes on, it becomes apparent that this woman (who never manages to get fully dressed I might add) is horrendously infatuated with one Mr Alex Turner.. I mean honestly, this entire video just feels like a huge ego trip for the lead singer. Not only is this video incredibly bizarre (there's multiple shots of this woman cooking steak -why?) but it feels like the band have simply ran out of ideas and resorted to overly sexualising females, much like any other male artist around today. 

When the focus is not on the woman dancing around in her bra, there are clips of the band messing around, making stupid faces at the camera and playing snippets of songs acoustically and I feel as if the music video would have stood on it's own with just these clips, why did they feel the need to put a 'fangirl' in there? I would rather see four minutes of Alex, Matt, Nick and Jamie being idiots than some partially dressed woman 'fangirling' over them and cooking steak. (I still don't understand the significance of the steak, please, somebody enlighten me..)

It also seems as if the monkeys have forgotten their English background, as this video feels full on American, and ok, I understand that they are currently living there and they recorded 'AM' there, but why change so suddenly from a classic English band who just have a great time, to an American group who overly sexualise females and make them seem obsessed with the band? It's not as if Alex needs an ego boost!

You may look back at the monkeys previous video for Arabella and say, "Oh well that sexualised woman as well" but the difference is in the video for that, the females were portrayed as objects of lust as opposed to women who obsess over them because they are in a band. The Arabella video was also not focused around the females, the focus was on the band where as this video is pretty much based around this woman who seems to be incapable of getting dressed, and feels the need to sob and dance around the room to videos of the band.

Altogether, this video just seems rushed, lazy and just very very naff. It's also pretty cringey and hasn't really had a good reception from what I have seen online. This is their sixth single from 'AM' remember, meaning that they have now released half of their album as singles. I don't know whether it's a publicity stunt so that more people will buy the album, but they definitely chose the wrong single to release, and the video only highlights how weak this single is in comparison to the other five released. R U Mine? is my personal favourite, and pretty much the entire video is Alex and Matt in a car miming along to the song.

 Arctic Monkeys aren't your typical clean-cut manufactured pop band, and that's exactly why they have the fantastic and loyal following that they do.. but if they continue to go the way that they are, then there's a chance they could (or already have begun to) sell out and that would be awful. These four lads from Sheffield who started all the way back in 2005 have the absolute potential to be one of the greatest bands on the planet, but not if they release mediocre singles and even worse videos. What happened to the good old days of I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor?

Whether it's a piss-take or not, (it honestly wouldn't surprise me if it was) it's still a massive disappointment and certainly a low point for this band who have had such a high-flying year. It's difficult to write negative things about one of my favourite bands, especially after how incredible they were at Finsbury Park last month, but this video is an absolute let down and I really am hoping that whatever they chose to do next will be a step up and away from the corporate shite they seem to be leaning towards.

(Written By Poppy Marriott)