27 Jul 2014

EP Review: "And Everything Goes Still" by Slumber Girls

Here at Vapour Trail we are passionate about helping great new bands get the listens and the recognition they deserve, so we offer bands the chance to send up new EP's and we will review them and share it with our audience. Our latest review? Indie band 'Slumber Girls' new EP, "And Everything Goes Still.." 

Three piece Slumber Girls formed about a year and a half ago in Hertfordshire. They class themselves as a combination of genres including pop, punk, alternative, and have elements of shoegaze to them, although they have said that is it not their main focus to be a shoegazey band. However, a lot of the inspiration for this EP came from bands like My Bloody Valentine and Smashing Pumpkins and you can clearly hear the variety of influences in this EP, which is why it is so interesting and wonderful to listen to.

This EP is on soundcloud and contains three songs. The opening track; "A Bigger Splash" sounds like a combination of indie band Drowners, mixed with slightly punkier and huskier tones, making it totally unique. It keeps the upbeat, feel good, summery mood to the song without venturing too far in the dark, but it is enough to give them a fresh new sound.  The combination of the slightly-less-dominating verses with the bit-more-in-your-face chorus's makes for a fantastic pop track with a massive element of post-punk to it. 

The second song, "Creole" is much more chilled out than the dancey opener, and as the band play massively strong guitar riffs over self described 'slacker-punk' drum beats, lead singer Chris Scarbourough wails "How is it possible/that you could be so cool?" the mass of influences that this band take on becomes incredibly present. The element of post punk and punk combined is most present in final song "Melt."  

Stronger and grungier guitar riffs are combined with quicker and harder drum beats, bringing back the energetic feel to the EP that it began with. Full of angsty lyrics and a fantastic build up half way through the song with the repetition of lyrics "I'm ready to melt.." before a brilliant drum drop and continuation of the chorus takes you through to the end of the EP.

Overall, an amazing combination of genres and influences create a beautifully prolific EP which show off the up and coming talents of this band and their progression into an A* alternative band. With plans to tour in December time and an already-growing fan base, this band are sure to get big soon. Remember, you heard it here first! 

Check out the EP out for yourself here and check out Slumber Girls website here, where you can find links to all their social networks and download this EP. 

(written by Poppy Marriott)

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