5 Aug 2014

Five albums to look forward to over the next 12 months

Hookworms' second album

The Leeds based psych-outfit are without a doubt one of the most exciting bands in, not just Yorkshire, but the entire world right now. After a perfect self-titled debut EP in 2011, labelled by the one and only Julian Cope "an epic 26 minutes of sub-Zabriskie Point ambient road-movie heat haze-on-the-road sonic wipeout of the post-Loop variety," and a debut album that was beyond flawless, the northern five-piece look set to release a fantastic follow up. Whilst not much has been announced about the second Hookies record, what we do know is that it's set to be released in 'the second half of 2014'. Which is soon. But alas, no indicators of what its sonic differences to 2013's album of the year will be, because not one song from it - or even a name - has been leaked to the eager listener. But maybe something that might sway the sound will be the bands that Hookies head-honcho MJ has been working with; the likes tour buddies Soft Walls and Leeds' based Menace Beach could have an impact on the sound we're waiting for eagerly. Only time will tell.

LP #2 from DIIV 

It's been in the pipeline a while no, and still! We're yet to hear a word of what DIIV are up to. Their second album was allegedly due for release this March, but due to the fact they've not actually got round to recording it yet - a la scrapped sessions with the geezer from Girls - it won't be hear before the end of the year. But from what we do know, it's going to be bombastic. The first new song to emerge was the aggressive, aggressive, Dust, which they played as early as mid-2013, when I saw them highlight Latitude. It removes the wishy-wash reverbed vocals of their stunning first LP Oshin, and instead sees Cole Smith intensely belting out a stream of conciousness whilst, along with his all-star backing band, Smith strikes with some scratchy, thought provoking, itch-relieving guitar tones. As well as Dust, Cole has completed well over 150 fully formed songs, apparently, for the second LP. Whilst everything new you can track down on Youtube sounds top notch, and poises LP2 to be a fantastic, fantastic album, DIIV only need 11 to 16 of those songs to strike gold for the band to reach the heady heights that they deserve.

The debut album from the Wytches

Annabel Dream Reader lands later this month, and is the debut offering from the other-worldly Brighton trio that has so effortlessly grabbed the attention of everybody over the past six or so months. Although ten of the albums thirteen songs have been dotted across the band's fantastic singles, the album's one of the most exciting propositions of the whole year. And although most of it's a known quantity, that's a unanimous positive with a repertoire like The Wytches'. Annabel is set to feature everything; from the mud doused Wire Frame Mattress to the bleach soaked Digsaw to the just plain blood curdling Fragile Male For Sale, it's an album with enough dynamic variety to be one of the LP of the year. So of course now, with not long to wait, Annabel Dream Reader is an exciting prospect indeed.

A Telegram debut

Ah, Telegram. Now, it's not very often I get so excited for so long about a band that has released so little material, but London-based psych merchants Telegram have had me utterly transfixed for 12 months - since I first heard their debut single, Follow, on Marc Riley's 6music show. Whilst, since then, they've only actually released one more song, the angry, psyched-out punk song that is Rule Number One - their regular set opener, but I did speak to them, and they said an album may be on the way for this Autumn. Ha! I'll believe that when I hear it, and I'll probably be too overexcited to actually believe it anyway! But I did see them live, and boy, what an arsenal they have... Their album looks set to be an absolute stunner, if it can come close to their live shows, and because their songs are so strong, you just know it will. What a band they are. Telegram.

New Slowdive material...?

Upon announcement of a reunion, the band announced that they would be working on new material. Could anything be more exciting? Slowdive have released 3 albums to date, alongside 5 EPs and compilations of LPs worth of unused material. Those three are of course the rousing beginnings of their debut Just For A Day, the fully formed masterpiece that is Souvlaki, and the downbeat posthumous Pygmalion. Of course, whilst Pygmalion was an undeniably good album, Slowdive seem to be using all their recent live dates as an opportunity to celebrate their shoegazing full lengths, which means that any new material may well be in the spirit of Souvlaki and the supporting EPs. So, whilst the albums I mentioned before are exciting, nothing in the world could get my pulse racing like a comeback album from Reading's finest. And you just know it'll embody perfection, in the way their self-titled EP does; according to everybody, they're really hitting their stride live, so if Slowdive are indeed ready to bring out a fourth album, I might just cry with happiness.