28 Aug 2014

Hookworms' second album 'The Hum' announced

After a long-ish wait, Leeds-based psych merchants Hookworms have announced their second album, the follow up to last year's mesmeric Pearl Mystic. It's to be entitled The Hum, and it's due on November.

It was announced via Marc Riley's 6music show - the best show on the radio as it happens - as the band played a 3-song studio session featuring last year's single Radio Tokyo alongside the opening pair from The Hum. First listen of the first two tracks show all they need to show; The Hum is going to be unadulterated genius, and it's going to be just as mesmeric as Pearl Mystic - and for me it'll be a contender for album of the year too.

As well as that, new track The Impasse is available for streaming here, and you can also preorder the album and whatnot. 180 seconds of Hookworms at their glorious best; I mean, I'm biased, but if they're not the best band on the planet right now then I don't know who is.

The 6Music programme on which Hookworms played a couple of new songs is available for another six days just here, so it's worth listening to very soon. Click this link and skip to about 49.00 for some new material.

With albums come tours - but Hookworms being the damned Northerners are playing nowhere near me, living on the south coast is always a curse when it comes to tours. But they're playing a handful of dates that include a London date, as well as shows in Leeds, Newcastle, Cardiff and Sheffield, and if you live anywhere near somewhere Hookworms' forthcoming gigs, I can't recommend seeing them live enough; I mean, earlier this month I saw them live in Brighton and it was one of the greatest things I'd ever seen.

And too, the artwork is cool as! I mean, it's inevitably dark and psychedelic - just have a look! Like Pearl Mystic's it's probably done by Hookworms' own MW - who incidentally has an exhibition on in Manchester this week, heavy on dogs, and heavy on punk rock. What more you could you want from an exhibition?

You can preorder Hookworms' album The Hum here, it's available on Domino Records from 11th November! 

(written by calum cashin - @pearlmystic on twitter) (hookworms' number one fanboy)