11 Aug 2014

Peace / Lost On Me (video & single review)

With the release of their phenomenal debut album In Love last year came masses of success for the Birmingham boys and of course, discussion began about whether they would be able to pull LP 2 out of the bag and create the same amount of hype. Debuting singles Money & World Pleasure which were both recieved with mixed opinions with some people complaining that they'd gone too mainstream, but from reviews of their live shows, it sounds like their new tracks are sounding pretty damn good live. I personally can't wait to see them live again at Reading Festival and as a fan of their new singles, I had high expectations of the third track. 

The song itself channels the surfy/indie vibes that Peace do best, as well as bringing a funkier element to it, which they promised would be much more defined on the new album. The first two tracks (Money and World Pleasure) have influences like Rapture by Blondie, and The Stone Roses debut LP. This song is no exception. Strong bass riffs from Sam Koisser, backed up by groovy beats and typical lyrics sung out by the orange-haired Harrison. All topped off with the fantastic Doug Castle on guitar, creates that recognisable Peace sound which Calum describes as "What Foals would sound like if they had too much Kopparberg.." Not sure I totally agree, but it's funky and fresh and the perfect summery tune. Lost On Me is probably the strongest release off Peace's second album so far, and I very much looking forward to hearing the rest. Overall, a brilliant song and made 10x better by the release of the video. 

The video was released on the 11th August and is basically the four lads dressed all in white, doing typical 'boyband choreography' and it would seem as if they are simply mocking anyone and everyone who calls them mainstream. The opening sequences consists of quick shots which once again channeling the boyband stereotype starts the video off perfectly. 

It then progressed to seeing the studio in which Peace: The Boyband are performing this beautifully creative choreography and the man who is telling them what to do with a list of instructions such as "walk forward, clicking" nothing overly ground-breaking or original, but hilarious to watch. A skinny quartet fully dressed in white, with one member with bright orange hair performing dance moves better suited to Westlife or One Direction is truly amusing. The video continues on to show Peace lose their instruction-giver so naturally, they continue performing the one move they have been told to. This leads them out of the studio, and to the start of a fantastically funny journey.

There really isn't a whole lot to write about this video, it's basically following Peace on their journey of clicking, stepping, crossing and sliding through main roads, parks, picnics and suddenly they arrive on a muddy hill. Clips of the choreographer running along after the hilariously confused band (see Doug Castle in the fourth screen grab) are fitted between sequences of dancing destruction.

I really don't have a whole lot to say! (there's a first) It isn't controversial, it isn't life changing, it doesn't have some deeper meaning and it isn't total garbage. It's just an utterly hilarious video put to a superb song, and with the outfits, setting and honestly just Harrison's hair, this is up there with my favourite Peace videos. It just seems like it's a big up yours to people calling them mainstream, and in theory, to the mainstream itself. I love that they clearly don't give a shit, and the fact that they kept in a few subtle shots of the lads nearly laughing themselves just makes it all the better. The video ends with the dancing quartet falling down a hill out of sight, and the choreographer falling to his knees in desperation holding a sign saying "Stop and smile."

 Lost On Me is an ace single, with a although-quite-pointless-yet-still-so-funny video and if this is the way Peace are going for the second LP, then I have nothing to say against them. I have high expectations and believe that the brummie boys will pull anything off, except maybe ditch the full white outfits and One Direction-esque dance moves next time lads if you aren't going for the comedic values. Overall, a terribly entertaining video and a first-rate new single. Keep it up Peace!