19 Sep 2014

Albums To Look Forward To...

With all this talk of mediocre albums being released at the moment, I thought I'd write a post about some albums that are worth getting excited about. Some have release dates, some are mere rumours, but nonetheless, the promise of new albums is one that always gets people talking. 

Wolf Alice's Debut Album
It's no secret what so ever that I am a huge fan of Wolf Alice (the biggest ever) so the fact that sooner rather than later, they will be releasing their very first album is absolutely amazing. All four members are exceptionally talented with all their previous EP's (Blush and Creature Songs) and their singles (Fluffy, Bros & Leaving You) are utterly phenomenal, and that's not me saying it from a fans perspective. Taking out all the adoration for this band and just talking about the music, their small but wonderful discography proves that they are one of, if not the, best up and coming band around today. No doubt that over the course of this year and next, they will be huge. I wish them all the luck in the world with touring and their album and they truly deserve every bit of success they attain. 

Peace's Second Album
As someone who was fairly skeptical about whether Peace would be able to follow their massive debut, In Love, released last year, I can tell you that I have no doubt that album number two will be on the same level.  Set for release early next year, I am praying it will come with a tour and I can see just how well they can play the other album tracks live. The tracks they have released from it, although unsure at first, have fully grown on me and I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album. Lost On Me, Money and World Pleasure are all absolute anthems, and trust me, they sound just as groovy live. Playing new music to a crowd the size of the one at Reading & Leeds was a huge risk, but the new songs went down just as good as I hoped, with even a few people joining in with the Lost On Me routine. This shows that a ton of other people are just as excited as album number two as I am.

Palma Violets' Second Album
Similarly to Wolf Alice, my adoration for Palma Violets is not one I tend to hide. My overall favourite set at Reading Festival and my favourite ever 'small' gig, their debut album '180' was one of the best debut albums released in the last ten years. After the release of their album and their riotous and rowdy tours, the buzz only grew around What Would Palma Violets Do Next? So far? Nothing. Well I say nothing, in an interview with NME two weeks ago, they revealed that they have actually been playing new songs for quite a while now. They disguise the new songs by calling them 'covers' and by doing this, it ensure that new songs are not leaked on the internet, thus only making the hype even crazier for album number two! Very clever indeed, but frustrating for fans? Guess so, but after hearing four 'covers' at Reading, album number two is sounding insanely strong, so no doubts that it will be just as extraordinary as their debut.

Hookworms / The Hum
When I saw Hookworms earlier this year, I can safely say that it was one of the weirdest, trippiest, jaw droppingly strange yet amazing nights of my life and Calum would back me up on this. Pearl Mystic was released March 2013, and it's that good that people still talk about the innovative-ness of it. The combination of shoegaze/psychedelic/post-punk garage rock is one that has never really been tackled before, and that's why it's so good. Not a lot of new tracks have been released from LP #2, but a few new singles have been played on the radio, as well as being played live, and let me tell you, they are just as stunningly strange as their previous work. Due for release on the 10th of November alongside their tour, I recommend everyone and anyone to go and see them live. Even if they aren't your usual cup of tea. Seriously amazing.

Jamie T / Carry On The Grudge
When Jamie T announced his comeback earlier this year, the world went mad. When he announced a tour, it sold out in minutes. When he announced a secret set at Reading, well, the bruises I had for three weeks following that set prove his popularity. This album will be his third studio album and it promises to be impressive. The singles released from it so far are Zombie and Don't You Find. Both on the same level as his old stuff, meaning no disappointment from fans at all. Released in just under two weeks, it has the potential to shoot straight up to number one. Considering I wasn't a 'proper' fan before seeing him live, I am shocked with how much good music I missed out on by this one artist, and delighted of the prospect of him releasing a whole album of new songs.

Superfood / Don't Say That
Superfood have had a great year-and-a-bit. They've supported a ton of bands on massive tours, got their singles out and even headed out on a tour of their own. Recently released to be going out on the NME New Breed Tour with Honeyblood around the same time of the revealing their debut album would be released later this year, the hype around this band just keeps growing. Think your typical indie band, with a gritter, grungier edge, but still able to create summery tracks. Check out their MAM EP to see just how beautifully diverse they are. Another top-class band to come out of the B-Town music scene, I have no worries that this album will be anything short of fantastic. Can't wait to hear it, and to see them live. 

(Written By Poppy Marriott)