26 Oct 2014

Beady Eye Splitting Up Is The Best Thing To Happen Since Oasis Split Up

Band splits are normally heartbreaking affairs, to be honest. One NME headline, and snap; that's a band you're never going to see live ever again. Ever. It normally fills my twitter timeline with people mourning such losses. I can remember the Death Grips breakup making a lot of people sad. Really sad. And before that, Tribes tore a load of people in two. Band splits generally suck, they generally really fucking suck.

But low and behold, yesterday a band split up and it was a joyous occasion. The news that Beady Eye had split up was some of the most exciting, heart-warming news...

For one, Beady Eye - solo project-type-thing of LG x - are one of the single most uninspiring, mediocre unoriginal pop groups ever to grace the charts. For me, Beady Eye were just a continuation of the crap post-1998 Oasis, but even worse. Their output consists of one "okay" album, and an album that can only be described as offensively banal lad-rock shite.

But there's more to the Beady Eye split than just a crap band discontinuing crap music. And I'm not talking about an Oasis reunion; whether you like Oasis or not, there's no denying that they haven't put out an exciting record since 1995. If Oasis reformed what's the best thing that could happen? I mean, Liam Gallagher's lost any talent that might have been there, and you're lying to yourself if you think Noel Gallagher's solo stuff is anything other than 'alriiiight'. Oasis probably should have split up in 1996 and never done anything else.

But hey, Beady Eye wasn't just about Liam Gallagher. Well, it was, but he wasn't the only member of Beady Eye... (It feels good being able to talk about their existence in the past tense)

In 199- whenever, some kinda time after Oasis had already lost it, they appointed enigmatic former Ride and Hurricane #1 guitarist Andy Bell to play some basslines here and there. And Andy stayed by Gallagher's side right until Beady Eye split. So... could this free up Andy Bell to reform Ride with Mark Gardener and Loz Colbert, two people who've stayed in music doing interesting and exciting bits and bobs since Ride split up.

And unlike the members of Oasis, since the Ride split, the individual members have still been in music and still making interesting, exciting music. As well as that, shoegazers Slowdive's reformation being so acclaimed opens that door for Ride to reform, and you'd just know that everyone would be made up by some Ride shows. Slowdive have been met with such a great newfound following, and fellow shoegazers Ride are even better. They are the best. Imagine it. Ride. Reuniting. Wow.

But yes, the point is that the split of Beady Eye (and celebrating it too) isn't such a destructive thing after all.

(written by calum cashin)