7 Oct 2014

The Wytches / Burn Out The Bruise/Darker (single review)

Supplementing their forthcoming Autumn tour for their stunning debut album, Annabel Dream Reader - which I really can't speak highly enough of, (but I tried to here as they're number two on our list) The Wytches have brought out yet another single. I make that the, ummm, at least the sixth from the album. This time, it's the turn of doom-laden Burn Out The Bruise.

The Wytches: Burn Out The Bruise

As a track, it's quite possibly the finest on the album, and a worthy single if ever I heard one. A crashing, heavy riff, that sounds like it could have come from an early Mudhoney EP. The heavy, frantic, side-to-side pendulum of Dan Rumsey's bass is just as effective here as on Digsaw; this time it makes the song sound neurotic and paranoid before Kristian Bell's snarl kicks in.


The Wytches in Brighton.
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Cheers emmaswann xLike the most of the first half of Annabel, Burn Out The Bruise is vicious, and played with a ferocity that most of The Wytches' contemporaries just can't do. As a song it's just so damn spiteful; "I drew pictures of you, drowning in my soup" yelps Bell, to the ferocious Rumsey bass riffs, before the cathartic chorus kicks in. Kristian Bell's deathly screams of "BURN OUT THE BRUISE!" kick in. Fuck, this is just one of the most perfectly constructed surf-goth style pop songs in the world, ever, isn't it?

Burn Out The Bruise is one of the few best songs to emerge over the past year or so. Alongside Wire Frame Mattress and Summer Again, three songs that are inseparably perfect, all of which show why The Wytches' unique brand of surf-doom is probably the most exciting and most perfect thing to happen to music in 2014.

But to supplement the A-side is an equally perfect B-side; Darker. It's the case all too often that B-sides aren't really that great, and are all too deserving of their spot on the reverse of the single, but with the new Wytches 7' that is not the case. "I know it's not a game but I'm in it to win it" rasps Kristian over a melancholy assault of a slower yet equally doomladen bassline and a tubthumping Gianni Honey attack on the drums. Whilst it's probably less heavy than the A-side, Darker is by no means a quiet Weights and Ties affair; it still has the venom, and anger of Burn Out The Bruise, making this single an essential 7 and a half minutes of music that must be heard by everyone.

It's rare a band is quite so perfect as The Wytches, and this single just makes that ever more apparent; The Wytches cannot put a foot wrong. With their sound almost ripped from Seattle, 1989, they're just about the most exciting 3-piece to emerge from anywhere since... well, a certain band from Seattle.

Out: 13th October on HEAVENLY
Pre-order: HERE
Catch them live on Autumn tour HERE