14 Oct 2014

Thud / Lime (single review)

Not so long ago, a collective of Japanese bands released a covers album called Yellow Loveless, where each band would cover a song or two from My Bloody Valentine's classic album Loveless. Then, from Korea came Blue Loveless. Which was the same thing but from another country. They're both absolutely stunning covers albums, and it's rare that something like these would be essential. Now, another great Southeast Asian band of shoegazers has emerged, ready to conquer all; they're self-confessed self-confessed weirdos called Thud, and Lime is their debut release.

Atmospheric and vibrant, the band are upbeat from the outset. Oscillating synthesisers give the immediate lie that their musical influence isn't confined to shoegaze; the shoegazing tones and the dreampop hypnosis are there, but they're joined by a synth line that sounds like it could have been taken straight from Sumday by Grandaddy, or even from the Horrors' new album.

The vocals of Kimberly Ho blend gorgeously into the track, and the choruses take a woozy Slowdive kind of feel to it. However, whilst the undistinguished vocals give it style, they're also it's major pitfall. The dreamy textures mask the lyrics too much, and it all sounds a bit abstract.

Despite this, it remains interesting through the use of synths. Just as the track begins to feel a little bit of a shoegazing cliché, the oscillating I See You synths lift it right back up again. It keeps hinting at a euphoric feel in places, but it doesn't quite go as blissfully far as Slowdive or DIIV do. It's uplifting and it's very, very good, but it doesn't get the pulse racing.

It's not the most amazing thing in the world, but it's a debut single that could certainly lead to bigger things for this band. It's quite forgettable and the band are yet to find their own sound, but it's shoegazing-Grandaddy sound teases at greatness, and Thud are certainly a band to watch out for. If they can build on Lime, it wouldn't surprise me if these Hong Kong shoegazers snapped up by Captured Tracks or Sonic Cathedral in the near future.

Out: 27th October
For fans of: DIIV, Slowdive
Hear it: HERE

(written by calum cashin)