31 Oct 2014


Every year, Halloween sparks sickening amounts of The Monster Mash over and over, and we think it's time for a change. Well, actually, we don't - once I tweeted into the radio asking them to play The Monster Mash and they did, but the point is, we're going to change it anyway. Together, myself and Poppy made ourselves a Halloween Mixtape, for all to hear

HOUSE OF MIRRORS - The Wytches The Brighton-based band are as Halloweeny as it gets, and this is a pretty terrifying song. It's title sounds like it could be an old horror, and it's psychotic stop-start mentality is just brilliant. 

RELEASE THE BATS - The Birthday Party Nick Cave's first band are the best and the original goths. This is a frightening track, and the chorus of 'Release the bats!' is perfectly fitting for the 31st.

JACK THE RIPPER - The Horrors The Horrors' first album, Strange House, is full of neo-gothic psychobilly tracks that sound like a one-band soundtrack to some serial killings. This is a Screaming Lord Such cover that sounds 100 times more frightening than the original, which is a feat in itself.

BELA LUGOSI'S DEAD - Bauhaus Bauhaus are the arguably one of the most iconic bands ever. They singlehandedly invented goth as a genre of music, so a Bauhaus song is a must for the mixtape. Bela Lugosi's Dead is about the original star of Dracula, and tops 9 minutes of darkness.

ZERO - Smashing Pumpkins The pun here is that Pumpkins are halloweeny and this band has said vegetable in it's name. But all that aside, the deity-challenging Zero is a song is absolutely flawless. And let's all just talk about that riff a second.

HOLLOW VISIONS - Eagulls Eagulls sounds frightening, don't they? Although they've released songs called Coffin and Possessed, this is the coldest, frightening-est. And the video looks like a scene from SS Experimentation Camp.

HALLOWEEN - Sonic Youth Duh, what's a halloween playlist without Halloween? This is a track from before Sonic Youth became genius indie-rock gods, and they were just angry hardcore-adoring art students. 

THE WITCH - The Sonics Garage rock GODS the Sonics released a number of frightening sounding songs in the sixties, to compliment their albums that were mainly made up of cover versions. The Witch is genius, and its murky sound is beautifully grave-yardy. 

HUMAN FLY - The Cramps This band invented the genre psychobilly, and that is something that can't be omitted from a Halloween mixtape. Psychobilly. Brilliant.

THE HAPPENING - Pixies Cosmic alien influence haunted the Pixies on their last couple of long players - bar Indie Cindy but we don't count that one - and what is halloween without aliens? 

WAKING THE WITCH - Kate Bush I think this track asks more questions than it answers. Witch? Which witch? The same witch as the witch which is on the song 3 tracks before this one? I don't know what I'm talking about, let's just appreciate Kate Bush.

LULLABY - The Cure This is the quintessential halloween track. It's about a dream, a nightmare, Smith had as a kid, and it tells the tale of The Spiderman...

THE CURSE OF MILLHAVEN - Nick Cave A modern day horror story, this features the triumphant singer-songwriter adopting the persona of a 15 year old schoolgirl, Lottie. But a serial killer schoolgirl. it's very morbid, and very dark, and very Nick Cave.