10 Oct 2014

Wytches/Telegram / live at Norwich Arts Centre

Honestly, we might as well turn this blog into a Wytches fansite with the amount that we post about them. 
I was lucky enough to see them last night (9/10/14) and this gig was made even better by the fact that my favourite new band Telegram were supporting. God Damn also supported but I must admit that we missed a large part of their set because we were sat outside the venue chatting to Matt from Telegram. However, on with the gig review.

Telegram took to the stage at about 8pm,  The crowd wasn't overly large, the venue itself only fits 290 and Telegram played two hours before The Wytches were due to come on stage. I was front and centre, (because when am I ever anywhere else?) and in prime position to sing out the lyrics as loud as I could, with absolutely no shame. They opened with my favourite song, Rule Number One, before playing a high speed glam tinged set full of tracks they need to compile into an album, or at least an EP soon. Way more people need to hear about this band, they are truly unique and special, and it is only a matter of time before they are huge. I would recommend going to see them live to absolutely anyone, the display of talent on show is incredible, and they truly are the loveliest guys ever. We got to chat to them after about the other times we have seen them live, and what it was like touring with Palma Violets and The Horrors, as well as pestering them to sneak us into the DIY all-dayer. Really genuine guys who deserve every single bit of success they have coming their way.

Check out Telegram here:

After God Damn finished their set, there was time for a drink and a chat before getting into place for what I expected to be the best small gig I have ever been to. I certainly wasn't wrong. Opening with a song I didn't actually recognise before going straight into album opener Digsaw, the chaos followed suit. With every crash of the drums and thrash of the guitars came more moshing, more head-banging and more carnage. The setlist was composed of mostly album tracks, including the new single Burn Out The Bruise and possibly the most known Wytches track, Gravedweller. The quartet of songs that brought the set to a close was possibly the greatest ending ever. B-side The Holy Tightrope, followed by the A-side of the same record, Wire Frame Mattress came as a stunning duo, made only the better by Beehive Queen coming next, before my all time favourite Wytches track to finish it all off. Crying Clown is one of those rare songs that makes you sit up and listen. And then listen again. And Again, because you can't quite believe what you're hearing. At first, it's just a regular Wytches song, dark grungey melodies and whining over it all by Kristian, but as he finishes uttering the words, "Graveyard girls/swinging a bag like a pendulum" a riff kicks in that is almost indescribable. It's the sort of riff that makes you want to walk over your enemies corpses wearing leather stilettos and a floor length cape. Don't question it, just listen to the song and you'll feel it. Trust me.

Overall, it was the best small gig I have been to since probably Palma Violets last year. It's definitely my all time favourite gig I have been to at Norwich Arts Centre. You can tell that this time next year, The Wytches certainly won't be playing 290-capacity venues, they'll be absolutely massive. And my god do they deserve it. 

Rating: 20/20

(written by Poppy Marriott)