10 Nov 2014


Think Freddie Mercury plus Noddy Holder, with an image like Justin Hawkins and Marc Bolan and you've got yourself the lead singer of one of the most innovative, talented and sparkly glam rock bands around today. Luke Spiller, of the Struts, embodies all the qualities of the legends I mentioned previously and drags it all up to date with his sassy styling. I first discovered this band while watching highlights of the 2014 Isle of Wight festival. I saw a metallic blue cape, and heard the opening bars of their absolute anthem Could Have Been Me and I was sold. I've been obsessed ever since. 

Luke Spiller, Addo Slack, Jed Elliot and Gethin Davis formed The Struts in their hometown of Derby. Their influences consist of The Stones, Queen, Led Zep and The Beatles. Their debut album, Everything Wants, was released on the 28th July 2014, and has received a plethora of praises. Luke's stunningly timeless voice combined with the insanely talented band that back him up make for one special sounding album. It's 12 songs of glam, glitter and just great music. Their song Could Have Been Me is probably their biggest hit. It's nothing short of an anthem. However, the new singles Kiss This and Put Your Money On Me are equally as special. Drawing on all their influences and putting a unique spin on it creates a sound which at first listen may sound a bit poppy, but the more you listen, the more you can hear. Riffs that sounds like a Queen song, Luke's gravelly vocals which sound not too disimilar to Noddy Holder, and the mere image of them will shoot Marc Bolan esque images into your brain. Simply Amazing.

 The release of Everything Wants spawned the tour that is almost coming to a close, playing 10 dates in England including a show at London's Dingwalls. They moved onto 5 dates in France, and then back home for another 3 dates in Sheffield and Preston before a special homecoming show in Derby on the 15th November. 

 The boys don't seem fazed by their ever-growing popularity though. Saying recently in an interview “We’ll be fine handling fame. We’re already massive rock stars in our heads. Only our circumstances will change and we can afford to go out more often.” This band are certainly one to watch. It's only a matter of time before their timelessly classic pop songs take over the music industry and shower it in glitter. With outfits designed by the legendary Zara Rhodes, they have the image to go with their incredible music. The Struts are on their way up and they're loving every minute of it. 

(written by Poppy Marriott)