5 Nov 2014

NME New Breed Tour Review - Superfood/Honeyblood/Claws (live review)

The NME tours are usually pretty good. Last year saw Django Django, Miles Kane, Palma Violets and Peace come together, this years saw the likes of Interpol, Temples and Royal Blood. But this was a different type of tour. A 'New Breed Tour,' showcasing two of the very best up and coming artists at the moment, with a different local support band each night. When it was announced that Superfood were finally playing Norwich again, I was over the moon. When it was announced that Honeyblood were coming along too, I was amazed. Norwich based band Claws were revealed as support and it suddenly became one of the best gig line-ups ever. The gig was on the 4th November, a day after Superfood released their killer debut album, Don't Say That, (which you can read my review of here.) so we knew this gig was going to be a special one.

Claws took to the stage at 8pm and I was immediately blown away with how fantastic they were. Their brilliant punky melodies are made fantastic by the lead singer, Josie, who's voice fits perfectly with their sound. With a Best Coast meets Fidlar feel to the whole set, it kicked the gig off perfectly, and I will definitely be seeing them again as soon as I can. Also Josie joins the leagues of badass female lead singers backed up by a male band, and still totally killing it. Absolutely worth checking out, would 100% recommend Claws to anyone. Stand out songs are Melt, Too Much Time and Tea Bag.

Honeyblood came next, and wow. I was blown away. Another two piece on the scene that you wouldn't think could make the huge noise that they do. Their self titled album that was released this year is one of my favourites of this year, so I was definitely looking forward to seeing them. With a recent band member change, (which is usually quite odd for a two piece) I was excited to see how they'd handle all the album songs without the original drummer.I need have no doubts at all. The tracks sounded flawless, especially Killer Bangs which, is one of my favourite songs ever. 2 and a half minutes of stunning chaos with a chorus catchier than the plague. Honeyblood played an eight-song set, opening with Fall Forever and finishing with the previously mentioned Killer Bangs. It was eight tracks of bad-ass rocking and head banging, topped off by the fact that this all girl two piece, are really, REALLY talented & just as good live as you'd expect. Totally impressed.

Superfood came on stage at about 9.30 ish and with the opening song being Bubbles, I couldn't have asked for anything more. A trio of groove-worth hits followed with the absolute cracker of a track TV coming next, before Pallasades and Melting. The band looked totally at home playing tracks from an album they had released the day before, including the album closer Like A Daisy that came next. My personal favourite off the album, it's sing-a-long worthy chorus, funky rhythms and surf-like melody was a true crowd pleaser. Two more album tracks followed suit, with You Can Believe and the title track Don't Say That keeping the good vibes going all the way through the set. It was calmed down for about 20 seconds during the slower intro to Houses On The Plain before the chorus restarted the chaos. Mood Bomb came next and the groove continued. More than enough people had clearly got the album and knew the words, which seemed as a bit of a shock to the band as the crowd shouted "FOREVER AND A DAY/THERES GOT TO BE A WAY" back to Dom and the gang during the chorus. However what really made the audience go wild, was the penultimate track, Right ON Satellite. Not your typical mosh-y song on record, but live, it spawned a pretty big mosh pit despite the venue only holding 250 people anyway. There was head-banging, hair flipping and lyric screaming. This didn't stop when final song Superfood began. Whether the opening lyrics about raisins and leaves make sense or not is a debate for another day, but aside from that, the song is genius. The perfect end to a perfect set was hearing a good 200 people yelling "YOU'RE ALWAYS HUNGRY." One of the best gigs of this year definitely. 

What made this brilliant night all the more amazing, was the fact we got to meet and talk to them after. Honestly, they were some of the nicest people I have ever met. Honeyblood and Claws too. What a night.

Rating 19/20

(written by Poppy Marriott)