4 Nov 2014

King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard / I'm In Your Mind Fuzz (album review)

Sometimes album titles reveal bugger all about the album; you shouldn't always judge a book by it's cover. But Heavenly Recs' latest release (our favourite label in the world) (probably) is just the opposite; I'm no expert but when an album cover says 'I'M IN YOUR MIND FUZZ BY KING GIZZARD AND WIZARD LIZARD' you can be sure of what you're getting yourself in for.

Aussie psych rockers King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard are the latest in a long line of bands that are bringing back fuzz-laden heavy psychedelia, which seems straightforward but at the helm of this band and their vast surf-rock cannon, it's interesting and undeniably original.

Last year's Eyes Like The Sky was raucous, but I'm In Your Mind Fuzz is much cleaner, and less lo-fi. But man, is it still fuzzy as fuck. Throughout, the album has a kind of polished-fuzz meets surf-instrumental sound - it's surfadelic.

The album's kind of split into three a bit. The first third containing I'm In Your Mind, I'm NOT In Your Mind, Cellophane and I'm In Your Mind Fuzz is hectic. Each track laden with heavy high-feedback vocals, and a constant rom-bom-bom of the Wizard Lizard's bassline ensure that they maintain a great sound throughout. Each song kinda bleeds into the next, in some kinda surfadelic megamix. It's electric, and definitely the best bit of the album; it doesn't let up, and Ty Segall-esque vocals (sometimes caught in a furious loop) ensure that it's brilliant psych feel is something to behold. Throughout listening to the first four songs on this record I found myself grinning at how great this band is. And if the record stopped here, it would be an unadulterated success...

Unfortunately, throughout the next few songs, King Giz / Wiz Liz slow down a bit, and it's not for the better. There's nothing particularly special about them, and they have all the elements of the exciting early part of the album but without the breakneck pace and the stop-start. It's by no means bad, or even not good, but the first part of the album is special and this just. Just. Isn't.

Although I'm In Your Mind Fuzz picks up a bit through Satan Speeds Up it doesn't reach the dizzying Parquet Courts-meet-The Mary Chain moments of Cellophane. The curse of this album is probably that the first 4 songs are too good - surfadelic pop gems that are just not matched elsewhere. But still, this album is more than accomplished, and in places it's genuinely exciting - if only King Gizzard can spread their immense talent over a whole record it would be a work of genius.

Released: 3rd November on Heavenly
For fans of: Loop, Wavves, The Del-Tones, surfing
Buy it: HERE


(written by calum cashin)