7 Nov 2014

Supporting New Bands / Ask Martin

Here at Vapour Trail we jump at all the chances possible to help new and up and coming bands. Whether they are friends bands or bands we've seen supporting others, if they're great, we'll blog about it. Our first band to come under this category is Ask Martin. 

A self proclaimed 'electro-pop, indie alternative all-female band' from London. Think everything good about electro, with a swirl of Kate Nash and a little dash of the Spice Girls feminist power and you've got yourself this punchy electro trio. I actually met Milly, the lead singer, while waiting in the queue for Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park and just got talking about her band and music in general. It wasn't until I got home and found their soundcloud and gave it a listen and realised how bloody talented they are. The songs they've released are called Flare, Anaesthetic and Split Ends. All of them contain amazing rhythms, chord progressions and lyrics, as well at the electro and synth effects layered over the top to create this incredibly unique sound. 

Lead singer Millie attends ELAM and also has another project going called GIRLI Music, in which she takes the synth/electro feel that Ask Martin have, and layer over her own take onn hip-hop. It works incredibly well, and she is very talented for a tender age of 16.

I wish all the girls every bit of success in the world, and they deserve it all. 10/10 recommend them to anyone.