9 Nov 2014

Vapour Trail Introduces #1 / 5 upcoming bands to look out for

There's no better feeling than discovering a new favourite band, so we've come up with a list of five bands that are up and coming that might just be your new favourite...

I first saw The Scenes back in May, and man, I've never been more blown away by a support band. Hailing from Finland, this experimental six-piece are a complete breath of fresh air from every other band in the world, ever. Fronted by the charismatic Konsta Koivisto, a kind of Scandanavian Iggy Pop/Lux Interior lovechild, the band are already renowned for their hectic live shows and their interesting sound. They're touring the UK later this month, and if their past shows are anything to go by they should be lighting up small venues all around the country.
For fans of: I'm not that sure... The Psychedelic Furs, Velvet Underground, Bad Seeds, Iceage
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Cross Wires are a furious four-piece from East London made up of frontman Jonathan Chapman and the musicians Peter Letch, Peter Muller and Ian Clarke. Their roots are firmly settled in punk, and they channel that through their short, angry songs and their ferocious delivery. Last month, they released their third EP, Your History Defaced, and not only does it poise them as one of London's hottest upcoming bands, but it's also free for you to download and enjoy on their bandcamp.
For fans of: Sex Pistols, Wire, Eagulls

The BDM take the south...
BDM are a Hull-based psych band we've featured on Vapour Trail before; their brilliant garage-psych revival sound is what makes them one of my favourite upcoming bands around at the moment. They take a lot of influence from The Velvet Underground and the Spacemen 3, but they're fresh and fantastic. Last month they brought out a cover of Kim Fowley's The Trip on Ruby Music, one of my favourite record labels at the moment, and it was hands down one of my songs of the year - it definitely had my favourite guitar solo of the year.
For fans of: Spacemen 3, Sonic Youth, The Wands

Also hailing from way up north, Elephant Memoirs are a band whose sound falls on the heavier side of indie. They've been compared to the almighty Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and they're a three-piece that only been around about a year but have already made a big splash. Since releasing their only demo tape, they've had a fair bit of local radio play, so as soon as they release some actual material, they're going to be big.
For fans of: BRMC, QOTSA, Drenge

Virginia Wing are an experimental pop group from South London who, in truth I didn't actually get when I saw live. But that wasn't down to their music being OTT, they were a man down, normally their electronically driven pop songs are a thing of genius. This week, they released their debut album Measures of Joy, and it's brilliant - throughout it features great, great music. It's one of my favourite LPs of the year, and Marnie is one of the single best pop songs of the past few years...
For fans of: They're pretty unique, but I'd go for Neneh Cherry, The Horrors, Echo Lake