20 Nov 2014


Myself and Calum are the epitome of teen angst. (We aren't, we just like to think we are.) So we made this playlist for those times when you feel like screaming because your hormones are raging and you want to feel rebellious. Which for us is always. 

Anarchy In The UK / The Sex Pistols
What more than the most famous riotous punk band to get the teen rebellion blood raging through your veins. Blast this one extra loud to worry the family and come downstairs wearing ripped tights, a Sid Vicious shirt and safety pins in your lip to complete the look.

Hole / Royal Blood
A loud, guitary, rough and ready track to get you pumped up and match your angsty mood perfectly. How this song was only a B-side astounds me, it's fantastic.

Bloodsports / Drenge
Pretty much the kings of teen angst, another raucous, thrashy song that might make you want to punch someone. It probably will. Not sure if thats a bad thing.

Rattlesnake Highway / Palma Violets
Palma Violets' regularly wild set opener and the usual soundtrack to my angsty days, the manic yet awesome foursome will get you psyched up for a day full of insubordination.

View From The Afternoon / Arctic Monkeys
A track back from the days when AM were teens themselves and not slick dad-look-a-likes. One of their most rowdy songs from the debut and an absolute corker at that. Definitely one of their best songs ever written and it fits right in with this playlist.

Cigarettes and Alcohol / Oasis
One of the most classic mod-fer-it tracks by Oasis, even the title screams REBELLION. Whether you're a fan of the Gallagher boys whining about their rock and roll life style, you can't deny that this is truly a bloody good song.

Choke On Bones / Darlia
Darlia have been called the next Nirvana so many times I have lost count. Whether there are similarities there or not, Darlia are still great and this song especially is brilliant. It's a wild mosh pit waiting to happen.

Carnival Law / The Wytches
I couldn't make a teen angst playlist without includingThe Wytches. They're just full of rage and riot-ready-rhythms and Carnival Law from their early days just about sums all of that up perfectly.

Come As You Are / Nirvana
I was tempted to put the teen anthem Smells Like Teen Spirit in the place of this song, but it's a bit overdone and frankly, not the best song Nirvana have done. This is a lot better and much more grungey which I absolutely prefer. It also fits better on the playlist and I would much rather have this song on here.

Who Needs You / The Orwells
Finishing off this playlist is The Orwells set closer. Seeing this live was a near death experience and after they dedicated it to the NME (because who needs the f*cking NME?) it seemed the perfect way to finish off my playlist. Although less rocky than the others, it's got every element of teen angst summed up in Mario Cuomo screeching "YOU BETTER BURN THE FLAG/BECAUSE ITS NOT AGAINST THE LAW." Sheer genius.