14 Dec 2014

Devin Ruben Perez Can Fuck Right Off

If you've not heard the news about it, it's come to light that DIIV's bassist Devin Ruben Perez is a racist, sexist, anti-semitic bigoted, homophobic piece of shit. It was revealed when THIS BLOG discovered that the bassist had a rich history of posting on the music domain of the forum 4chan, where all the internet's bigoted trolls hang. Perez's targets include Perfect Pussy frontwoman - who's vocal about the misogynistic sleazebag Ariel Pink, who Perez seems to love ("He is misogynistic... but in an endearing way") - as well as the musician Zomby, who Perez called a "nigger". Obviously this is absolutely repulsive, and I think it's horrible that someone in such a high position of influence could broadcast such repulsive views. As Zachary Cole Smith points out, Meredith Graves (who I for one think is an incredible woman) has been called a bitch on computer screens nationwide.

And then, if that wasn't enough, upon being rumbled by that tumblr I mentioned earlier, Devin got really fucked off by these 'social justice warriors'. Did he try and cover his tracks? Seem like he wasn't a bigoted misogynist? No, he just added to the furore. "Did Meredith Graves post this shit herself?" he posted on 4chan, because logically, the only way that anyone could be upset with his bigoted comments would be if they were directly on the end of them. (The tumblr had nothing to do with Graves)

But furthermore, Perez, alongside some commenters on posts like this one have backed up the comments with statements like "that's just the 4chan lingo, get with it" - but what can they mean by that; in my books, any lingo that uses bigoted slurs is generally bigoted. There's not really a context in which the N-word can be used in a non-racist way, and if there is a context to use it, that context certainly isn't on an anonymous hate forum known for it's bigoted troll users. But maybe the most tragic thing is that he tried to back his racism up with the excuse "I'm part black anyway," like how the hell can that be a reasonable excuse? But who am I to comment? It's not like "fooligans" and "n*ggers like me" won't understand "what (he's) like irl", is it? And that all makes it okay for Devin to say all these things online with a 4chan alias.

"I honestly don't regret saying any of the stuff I did", Perez said; but he should and it looks like he will. Cole Smith of the band DIIV, who Perez plays with has announced that sexism, bigotry and bullying of all sorts "will not be tolerated" within the NYC band's ranks. You'd like to think, I'd like to think, that it won't take long for Devin for the racist bassist to get kicked out of the band. The music industry isn't a place for bigoted arseholes, and this tosser deserves no place in any position of influence.

So far, surprisingly, Cole Smith is dealing with it all really well. It seems that kicking Perez out of the band might be a very real possibility, and in my eyes it's necessary for the band to do this to move on and still be a band that appeal to the masses of liberal minded music fans. I've been a huge fan of DIIV for a couple of years, and continue to be at the moment, but if Perez is in the band by the end of the year I'll really struggle to support them in the way I did, and I think this sentiment is probably echoed by lots of other fans my age. The 'social justice warriors' we are and all.

But still, whilst Cole Smith is an active protester for racial equality, it'd be likely he won't stand for the bigotry of the bassist. I'd like to see Devin Ruben Perez kicked out of this band and the trendy underground music scene, because there's just no place for him and his horrible, vile views. There is no place in music for people like that. In fact, not just in music, anywhere really.

Bar the disgusting maggot of a man that is Devin Perez, I wish DIIV all my best as a fan of the band and hope they move on from this. And hey! If DIIV need a new bassist that dresses like a tramp and can only rip off Joy Division, someone hit them up for me.

(written by calum cashin)