5 Dec 2014

TEMPLES / SUPERFOOD (live review)

When Temples annouced they were coming to Norwich, I was psyched. Don't even get me started on how excited I was when Superfood were announced as support. This gig was bound to be glittery, groovy and simply glorious. 

Superfood stormed the stage at 8.30, walking on to an insane amount of noise compared to a regular support band. This was no regular support band. This was Superfood. Opening with the absolute anthem that is Bubbles before letting loose and sending the crowd crazy with 90’s-esque-sing-a-long TV. It was clear this wasn’t going to be a calm gig with mosh pits and mass shoving erupting as quickly as the set began. Melting came next and the crowd went mental. The Superfood love continued into You Can Believe which is one of the grooviest tracks off their new album before crashing into new single Mood Bomb. For a ‘support bands new single,’’ Superfood sure got enough people yelling “Forever and a day/theres got to be a way.” Right On Satellite was the penultimate track and from the second that the intro started there was an enormous crowd surge and a monstrous mosh pit ensued. Closing the set was their debut single, aptly titled, Superfood. Raisins are like mysteries gang of ten” sang Dom down the mic, along with about 600 other voices. Did anyone know what it meant? No. Did anyone care? Absolutely not. Certainly not Superfood who are the happiest band I have ever seen as the crowd screech YOU’RE ALWAYS HUNGRY right back at the beaming band. Even though they played a mere seven songs, it was a chaotic, energetic set full of enthusiasm and love for what they do. We even got to chat to them afterwards again and they remain the nicest band ever. 

Temples floated onto the stage on a sea of good hair and glitter and were greeted by deafening screams and shouts. They flew into the title track from their debut album Sun Structures and the carnage began. Replicated in the psychedelic wiles of Prism and my personal favourite album track, A Question Isn’t Answered before the psych side of things is in a head on head collision with their 60’s and 70’s influences to create the work of art that is The Golden Throne. Up there with Temples’ most loved singles, Colours To Life came next and you are reminded of their ability to write a fucking good pop song. 

The Guesser into Ankh into Move With The Season pretty much classed as a spiritual experience, all soundtrack by the glittery saint that is, James Bagshaw. Possibly the most well known song came next, Keep In The Dark. Not only is it just a perfect pop song with every influence combining together to create the anthem, but it is adored amongst Temples fans. The final two songs came in the form of Sand Dance and Shelter Song which couldn’t been a better end to a main set. 

The glittery goth kings returned to the stage to play two more songs. “This is a slow one, please sing a long if you know the words” requested Bagshaw before launching into beautiful ballad Fragment’s Light. It’s psych, shoegazey, musically stunning and Bagshaw’s voice layered over the melodic magic just completes it to make it one of their strongest songs. The final song was Mesmerise which of course kicked the crowd straight back into action and got everyone going one last time.

A fantastic gig by two fantastic bands and one that will stand out in my mind as one of the best small gigs ever. 

Rating: 17/20

(written by Poppy Marriott)

Photo cred to Andi Sapey for the photos of Superfood.