14 Dec 2014


2014 has been a cracking year for indie bands. There's been some phenomenal debut albums, some equally amazing EP's and even a couple of top-notch singles. This playlist compiles our favourite songs from this years' most beautifully indie bands.

1. All Dragged Up / Honeyblood
To keep all their uniqueness while producing a perfect pop song is an art, and Honeyblood have sure as hell mastered it. "Why won't you grow up?" Stina sings down the mic over a catchy combination of riffs and rhythms, ensuring that people will sing along at every live shows these two girls play. 

2. Storms / Wolf Alice
One out of two of the songs on this playlist that hasn't come from a debut album, this was the second track off Wolf Alice's second EP; Creature Songs. It's rocky, riotus and rowdy, and totally mental live. Ellie's voice sounds angelic, despite being layered over heavy guitar thrashes from Joff and Theo and smashes and crashed from Joel on the drums. It's up there with the best songs Wolf Alice have ever recorded. 

3. The Guesser / Temples
This song is the perfect example of 'sing-a-long-psych' music. One of the strongest tracks from Temples debut album Sun Structures, it's enough to in-keep with Temple's sound, but individual to stand on it's own while showing off the musical talents of this glitter-soaked band. 

4. Falls Away / Childhood
Full of summery vibes to get you dancing on even the darkest days, Childhood's dreamy pop songs finally all came together on the masterpiece that is their debut album, Lacuna. Falls Away is a conglomeration of whimsical melodies mixed with whispery vocals that transports you back to hazy summer days.

5. Mood Bomb / Superfood
The latest single from the newest IT band. Resurrecting the long dead 'B-TOWN' scene and giving it's good name back, Superfood have owned 2014, and are set to do even better in 2015. The release of their debut album generated one of the biggest hypes in a long time and the songs on Don't Say That are worthy, including this track which is easily one of the best.

6. Surround You / Jaws
JAWS debut album Be Slowly played host to a ton of new tracks, as well as some re-vamped singles, such as next track, Surround You. Full of FX pedals and synthy piano keys raining down upon a killer beat and clever guitar tricks, it's stunningly surfy and euphonious and an absolute joy to listen to. 

7. Long Hair / Drowners
Imagine The Smiths and The Strokes in a head on head collision in downtown New York and you've got Drowners' sound. Despite the album not being the strongest as a whole, the singles to come out of it are all fantastically upbeat, happy and first-rate, and Long Hair is no exception. It is a mere 2 minutes long but everything that happens within those 120 seconds is uniquely brilliant. 

8. I Wanna Dance (But I Don't Know How) / Skaters
Starting with a kick-ass bass riff before launching straight into a rowdy chorus and then calming it down again, this song has more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. This is the exact reason it's so great. It's the best track off Skaters debut, Manhattan and combines the pop, rock and indie genres perfectly.

9. Nervous Energy / Slaves
Ok this is the only exception to the 2014 rule. Slaves have only really been shoved into the public eye in this year, so despite being released in 2013, this is my favourite song they've done and it deserves its spot. It's chaotic, manic and full of filthy riffs and drum thrashes. Holding out hope that this makes an appearance on a new album in 2015. 

10. Crying Clown / The Wytches
The best riff to come out of any album this year, this track is the penultimate track from Annabel Dream Reader and recipient of my 'which song gets the best mosh going' award. "Graveyard girls/swinging a bag like a pendulum" is growled over a deathly dark and dirty melody in Kristen Bell's gritty voice. It's one hell of a song. 

11. Who Needs You / The Orwells
The perfect way to finish their Reading set, and the perfect way to finish off this playlist. The Orwells are totally mental and this is reflected in this song. It's like the perfect anarchist pop song and one to be remembered as a song from one of our favourite 2014 albums.