13 Jan 2015


2014 was an incredible year for up and coming bands. It saw an enormous amount of debut albums released, the majority of which were absolutely fantastic. 2015 only promises more, so we had a look at some of the bands who are going to make 2015 their year.

Wolf Alice
FINALLY IT'S HAPPENING. 2015 will be the year that Wolf Alice release their long-awaited debut album and I am confident that the second the world finally hears their music, this band will blow up. They deserve this more than anything and with new songs like Giant Peach, You're a Germ and  Lighters, the promise of a whole set of new songs is one I cannot wait for. 2015 will be Wolf Alice's year, I can feel it. 

Bloody Knees
"Oh I'm covered in blood/but at least I'm having fun." An accurate description of a lot of Bloody Knees' live shows. This band are, in short, mental. Their 2014 EP, Stitches was received exceptionally and with the hype that it generated, Bloody Knees are in for a crazy 2015. If they get an album out, or even a new EP, they're guaranteed to blow up, and I for one cannot wait to see where they go next.  

Charli XCX
Drop dead gorgeous with a badass attitude to match, meet the new anarchist pop princess who's taking over with her powerful pop punk music. None of this American 'rocky' bullshit, Charli combines the riotous chaotic elements of punk music and riot grrrl music and slams it together with catchy electro synth pop songs. The result? Catchy as hell songs that make you want to dance and smash stuff up simultaneously. She's one of the artists around today reclaiming pop music from the clutches of Cowell and co. After the exposure she's gained from Fancy and Boom Clap, 2015 is sure to be her year, and boy does chart music need her. 

Only Real
I was pretty late to jump on the Only Real bandwagon, with a friend recommending them to me after catching him live at Boardmasters Festival 2014. He released an EP in 2013, but what really got him out there was the release of Yesterdays and Cadillac Girl in 2014. His surfy vibes channel Mac Demarco and DIIV while incorporating Jamie T like raps, making for one unique artist who's debut album promises to be up there with the best of 2015. 

I've been saying this since I first saw Telegram in 2013. The second this band get enough material out there, they will take over the world. Telegram are insanely talented and the music is just phenomenal, but struggles and complications with record labels have constantly put back releases of all their singles. Maybe, MAYBE, 2015 will be Telegram's year. If the success of their solo single Follow is anything to go by, Telegram are ready for the big time.