31 Jan 2015

Björk / Vulnicura (album review)

Björk has always been up there with the very best of the best when it comes to creating unique music, and her new album Vulnicura is absolutely no exception. 

Incandescently hypnotic and innovative, Björk’s latest album was released two months earlier than anticipated, after leaking online the day after it’s announcement. As expected, it’s nothing short of genius. The Icelandic singers voice sounds delicate and fragmented, but when paired with the mesmerising melodies, she gains an incredibly assertive power which combines perfectly to create nine spell-binding tracks. Björk’s creative complexities reach a pinnacle in Black Lake which is ten minutes of a whimsical journey with more ups and down in the music than a roller-coaster. Other stand outs include The hauntingly dark harmonies that open Lion Song and the captivatingly bizarre History of Touches. The album concludes with the intense-and-almost-electro Quicksand which finishes the album up perfectly, containing some stunning violins which have a continuous presence throughout the entire LP.  Despite all the annoyances Björk has has to put up with with the release of this album, it is certainly an LP to be proud of and it may even be the best work she has ever done. For someone so whimsical to create such an eerily empowering album is the greatest achievement and this album is definitely one of the most amazing albums I have heard in a very long time. 

Rating: 9/10

(written by Poppy Marriott)