25 Jan 2015

CLAWS / No Sleep (EP review)

The debut EP from Norwich band Claws shows promising things from the next generation of angsty garage pop music. Their musical talents extend far beyond their young years, with lead singer Josie [Steward’s] voice sounding fresh out of the 90’s riot grrrl movement, with the EP echoing the disorderly time of the riot grrrls. The chaos doesn’t distract from the melodies however, with the guitars riffs standing out boldly from the rowdy drumming, and Steward’s vocals tying it all act together to form four equally outstanding pop-punk tracks.

Opening song To Be A Goth is dance-y and messy, with the hint of summer intertwined with the madness. It’s 1:38 of the band having a bloody good time while still showing off just how good they are.  Tango Hotel comes next, opening with a distorted, FX laded riff on both the bass and the guitar, before rushing into one of Claws’ most catchy choruses. “Whatcha say/Whatcha say/Whatcha say-ay-ay” is shouted over a manic thrashing of the drums, as the noisy teenage angst side of Claws comes out to play in full force. 

I’ll Never Learn is the closest this band come to having a ballad on their resume. It could soundtrack a victorious scene in a a 90’s teen movie, with the dirty riffs entangled in meaningful lyrics, with Josie’s distortion-laced voice sounding stronger than ever. This leads perfectly into the final track off the EP. If I was asked to put forward one Claws track to show off just how amazing they are, it would be No Sleep. It’s youthful, full of energy and chaotic and a truly terrific track to end this exceptional EP on.

I can’t wait to see what this band do next, even more so because they are a local band. I will continue to support them every step of the way and I urge you all to jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible because it’s only a matter of time before this band blow up.