16 Jan 2015

My Musical Icons

Everyone has their inspirations, whether it be a band you heard growing up who sparked your interests, or whether it be a band you heard one day and things changed for you from that point on.   For me, there’s about four or five different artists who really changed me as a person and inspired me both musically and normally, so this is a post to say thanks and appreciate the best of the best.

Anyone knows me probably knows how much Morrissey means to me. The Smiths are the band that changed everything for me and first made me want to be involved in music. From that point onwards I became completely aware of this incredible world I had been oblivious to for far too long. His work in The Smiths and his solo work alike continue to astound me every time I hear it. It’s not an exaggeration to say he is possibly one of - if not - the best lyricists around today. Morrissey himself with his quick-witted, sarcastic and opinionated nature has forever encouraged me to be whatever, say whatever, and if people think you’re an asshole for it; then they’re probably right. (but who cares?)

Courtney Love
Courtney Love is the odd one out in this list. My parents cannot stand her so I was never brought up with her feminist screeches, but instead I discovered her upon my own accord and fell in love. She’s ballsy, assertive and just straight up badass. No matter how many tragedies, downfalls and murder accusations this woman goes through, she always comes out better from it, usually bearing some incredible music to go hand in hand. Instead of shutting herself away from the world after Kurt’s death, she got up, brushed herself down despite what everyone was saying about her, wrote an incredible album for Hole and toured it for a  year. If that’s not stupidly inspiring then I don’t know what is. 

Stevie Nicks
Some of my earliest memories are soundtracked by Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. Rumours and Tango In The Night are pretty much the two albums I grew up with and they’re still two of my favourite albums today. Stevie Nicks herself though has been consistently inspiring for me, in every aspect of my life. Not just her music, but the way she is, her general being, and of course, the way she dresses. She seemingly floats around, producing these exceptional songs as both a solo artist and within Fleetwood Mac. I mean seriously, is there anyone who doesn’t sing a long to Edge of Seventeen? Didn’t think so. 

David Bowie 
David Bowie is the single most inspirational artist out there and I’m certainly not on my own when I say that. Nearly every artist, nearly every person over the age of 12,  has heard or seen Bowie at some point and formed an opinion. He’s cited as pretty much the most influential artist ever and I would completely agree. He’s another artist who I have very early memories of listening to, as my mum is a massive Bowie fan, and he’s was constantly played in the house as I was growing up. This of course impacted me as I developed my own taste in music and I only wanted to learn more about this majestic ginger character. His musical diversity and talents to completely change his appearance and style is something I admire and because of this and the extraordinary music, Bowie will always and forever remain as my greatest musical icon. 

(written by Poppy Marriott)