30 Jan 2015

Yak / Hungry Heart (single review)

Yak arrive in 2015 as one of our #1 tips to make it big, and to maybe release one of 2015's best albums. Already famed for explosive, electrifying live shows, the London trio's debut single comes out next month. Despite this, it's already available to stream via Fat Possum Recs' soundcloud, Fat Possom being the label lucky enough to sign them, as well as Fat White Family and The Districts.

As you'd expect from a band whose very name is an expression of absolute disgust, Yak are angry, and they're fast. Their sound is the perfect marriage of the visceral psychedelia of Telegram or Pond's Hobo Rocket and the hectic psychosis rock of the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - whose lead singer Guy McKnight is almost aurally identical to Yak's Oli Burslem. It's very hypnotic and repetitive, but there's also an out and out punk hatred being channelled through Burslem's screams of "Again! and Again! and Again!"

Throughout the three minute sonic onslaught, the band sound like they could blow up any moment. A thumping bassline is at war with the chaotic drummer, and they both fight dogmattically against the intense nosie and vocals that the frontman is churning out. It's a recipe that could see the band crumble into tuneless dissonance at any second, but the band keep it together til the very end. Like all great 3-pieces, every member gives it everything, and because they

Hungry Heart's a song in which not a second is wasted; from the explosive intro and it's half-crooning first verse, to the end; a climax of screams and feedback; this song remains on edge right until its end. Although they've not released any other material yet, Hungry Heart cements Yak's position as what is probably the single most exciting upcoming band in Britain.

Out: 24th February via Fat Possum
For fans of: The Wytches, Nirvana, Telegram, Bo Ningen
Listen to it HERE