16 Feb 2015

Charli XCX / Sucker (album review)

"FUCK YOU, SUCKER!" An explosive opening line for an explosive album. The punk-princess Charli XCX's second album spits in the face of all the girly pop stereotypes and walks all over it with killer heels. She's taken the industry's desire for a female pop star and extorted it to the highest degree to make an album worthy of being called punk pop.

Sucker is a huge Fuck You to anyone who broke her heart or put her down and nothing screams attitude like the title track, and opener, Sucker. This flows perfectly into the equally bratty Break The Rules. It's synthy, loud and full of fire. London Queen is possibly the weakest song on the album, but the rest of the tracks make up for it with enough hooks to hang your entire wardrobe on, including Charli's most famous single, Boom Clap. It's by no means her best song, but it's had the most commercial success due to earning a spot on the Fault In Our Stars soundtrack. Slap bang in the middle of the LP comes her latest single featuring Rita Ora; Doing It. There are catchy electro-pop rhythms and despite not being a huge fan of R.O, this song is still mainstream gold. The album draws to a close with Need Ur Luv which to me sounds like a 60's girl group gone bad. It finishes the album in the style it began, full of attitude, full of girl power but still musically fantastic.

Charli XCX is exactly what current pop music needs; a feminist icon with the ability to write catchy, feel good pop songs without losing her stunning musical integrity.

Highlights include : Sucker, Break The Rules, Doing It, Hanging Around, Need Ur Luv.

Rating: 16/20
(written by Poppy Marriott)