18 Feb 2015

Danger Approaching? Why The Second Palma Violets Album Is Set To SMASH IT

Whilst our Poppy was proper in awe of the debut album by East-Enders Palma Violets, 180 didn't convince me entirely that the band had released a record that showcased their potential enough. Where their hectic, sweaty, passionate live shows are just about the best live shows by any band around at the moment, the record didn't quite capture that chaos, as wafer thin production and a lack of real tempo ultimately led to a bit of an unspectacular record. Yeah, 180 was very good, but Palma Violets seem a lot like a band capable of greatness, and 180 just didn't deliver that. Luckily, they're and they've taken aim for their second shot at releasing a great album.

Danger In The Club will arrive on 5th May via Rough Trade Records, and already it's a record we're very excited about. A couple of days ago (16th) Zane Lowe premiered the title track from it, and it's everything you wanted and more; swaggering Doorsy key parts, a rhythm you can stomp to, and that brilliant cockney croon of frontmen Sam Fryer and Chilli Jesson. Whilst you might admit, it's not a dinner-bringing obvious single, like Best of Friends was when it kickstarted their career, Danger In The Club, as a song, shows a more mature, yet boozier stompier sound and shows real potential for the rest of the album.

So, come May, which isn't far away, what can we expect from Palma Violets' second LP? Well, straight away the title, Danger In The Club kind of makes it seem straight away like the soundtrack to a British gangster film, and the cover art just reinforces that. It's very Lock, Stock... but also slightly Panic! At The Disco, which makes you wonder whether maybe Palmas will go a bit punk pop. But in all seriousness, it's quite a comic, larger than life title for an album that promises that album 2 will be like 180 but more.

What they've also released is a tracklist; here it is

  1. Sweet Violets
  2. Hollywood (I Got It)
  3. Girl, you couldn’t do much better on the beach
  4. Danger in the Club
  5. Coming Over to My Place
  6. Secrets of America
  7. The Jacket Song
  8. Matador
  9. Gout! Gang! Go!
  10. Walking Home
  11. Peter and the Gun
  12. No Money Honey
  13. English Tongue
Maybe you'll be in agreement with me; it really isn't the best, is it? Not one of those songs apart from #9 and #12 seem to be fully blown certified bangers based solely on the titles, and that's a shame, but let's face it - it'd be pretty damn stupid to judge solely on song title. Although if you've seen what Carl Barat's new Libs tracks' song titles are, it's easier to refrain judgement on some occasions than others.

Instead, the best thing to do is listen to the new song, and wait for the record to drop, because it should most probably be a great record. I think how great it's going to be, however, is going to be the bone of contention; will it be a record that seriously makes an impact on British indie guitar music, or will it be just another 'very good' release?