1 Feb 2015

For Warhol: A Vapour Trail Warhol-Inspired Playlist

1. Andy Warhol / David Bowie
Could we really open with anything else? It’s no secret that Bowie has been incredibly influenced by Warhol and this song is the perfect way to pay tribute to Warhol. It’s excessively eccentric, just like Warhol himself and it was written by Bowie at one of his greatest points. Despite Warhol saying he had heard the song and he was not a fan, this song is still a work of art.

2. Christ Versus Warhol / The Teardrop Explodes
An obscure Teardrop Explodes b-side, this song is a true post-punk gem. Of course inspired by the man himself as you can see from the title, this song is a bizarre depiction of influence and appreciation, but then again it's written by the one, the only, Julian Cope. Who really knows what's inside that man's brain?

3. I’m Waiting For The Man / The Velvet Underground
An absolute necessity for any Warhol themed playlist is the Velvet Underground. Of course he did the artwork for one of their most loved albums and this song is from that very album. It’s a brilliant song and perfectly in-keeping with our playlist.

4. Green Fuz / The Green Fuz
Put in the playlist for the simple fact that it's possibly my favourite song released in the 1960's, around the time of Warhol's height of fame. The song also went on to be covered by pivotal punk band, The Cramps and was re-released then in the time in which Warhol was continuing to be an enormous presence in the art world before his death in '87. 

5. Success / Iggy Pop
Alongside Bowie and Lou Reed,  Iggy Pop is next in line for his inspiration and friendship with Warhol. They went through the drug fuelled 1970's together and Iggy Pop basically completes the absolute dream team. Success was released during this time in 1977 and it fits the playlist perfectly. 

6. Ride A White Swan / T-Rex
Once again, another band who were massively present at Warhol's most famous and before his death in 1977, Marc Bolan often expressed how his glam-rock image was drawn from art and music alike, crediting Warhol and other pop-art artists. This song was T-Rex's very first single which became a hit in 1970. 

7. Satisfaction / The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones are on this playlist because Warhol did a variety of artwork for albums and singles for The Stones and I chose this song in particular because it's an absolute classic and well worthy of a sing-a-long. 

8. Rip Her To Shreds / Blondie
Warhol did a lot of work including art and photography based on Debbie Harry. There are polaroid portraits, pop-art inspired pieces and countless paintings. There's no doubt there that they were both inspired by one another in many different ways and that's why I chose her for this playlist. 

9. Hello, I Love You / The Doors
Another song released around Warhol's most famous period. Released in '68, it's The Doors' biggest hit and an absolute classic track. Jim Morrison met Warhol many a time and this is best shown through the 2011 film based on The Doors as a band docu-film. 

10. Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth / Dandy Warhols
The very best song released by a band clearly inspired by Andy Warhol as you can tell immediately from their name. The American alt-rock band released this song in 1997 and the song is most recognisable for its refrain "I never thought you'd be a junkie because heroin is so passé"

11. I Wanna Be Sedated / Ramones
The Ramones fit to this set because Warhol was good friends the band and did a fair few photoshoots with them. I Wanna Be Sedated was released in 1978 from their fourth album, and I picked this song because it's definitely my favourite Ramones song and one of the very best punk-rock songs of all time. 

12. New Age / Velvet Underground
There had to be another Velvet's track otherwise it wouldn't be a proper Warhol playlist, so I chose my favourite song from their fourth album, Loaded. This was the last album that Lou Reed sang on after leaving the band shortly before its release in 1970 to pursue his solo career. 

13. Sad Song / Lou Reed
It only felt right to end with a sombre song and what better than the final song from Lou Reed's incredible album, Berlin. This song is a beautiful finish to the playlist, and possibly my all time favourite Lou Reed track. 

We even made a full playlist of all these songs over on our YouTube channel:

(written/selected/designed by Poppy Marriott)