17 Feb 2015

PEACE @ EPIC STUDIOS (live review)

“Lets go back to the days when the jeans were tie-dye and everything was delicious.” Harry Koisser’s intro before California Daze took everyone on a nostalgia trip when Peace began the first of three out of the four songs from the much loved EP Delicious on Friday’s nights set at Epic Studios in Norwich. This was my eighth time seeing Peace live and if you compare them to their 2012 set at the Arts Centre, (the very first time I saw them) they’re almost unrecognisable. The band I saw on Friday were grown-up and mature but still glitter bearing and poncho wearing. The magic is still there and for a band such as Peace, it always will be. 

Higher Than The Sun into Follow Baby as the openers ensured the crowd kicked off straight away, before going into the first of many of the new album tracks. Despite the album being out for a mere 4 days at the time of the gig, all the songs spawned massive sing-a-longs, none more than the title track. "Where did all the happy people go?" was sung at the top of the crowds lungs and it made for a decidedly magic moment. Lost On Me sounded as perfectly pop-y as ever and Money had improved drastically since the first time I heard it in 2013. Of course the highlight of the night had to be 1998. It's up there with some of the best songs I have ever heard and musically, it's just flawless. This into Bloodshake caused absolute carnage before calming down the set with Float Forever and finishing with Wraith. 

You're reminded of how adored these four boys are by the screams of 'PLAY ONE MORE, ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE" and when they do return, it's to play a gorgeous rendition of Someday. But of course, the calm never lasts. Lovesick gives you a two minute blast of summer and I'm A Girl is by far the best song from Happy People.  The final song is Sam Koisser's time to shine and he grabbed that chance and ran with it. And by that I mean he climbed a tower of speakers and hypnotised the crowd with his phenomenal bass solo in the middle of World Pleasure. A perfect end to a perfect gig. 

Rating: 8.2/10