6 Feb 2015

Peace : The Second Edition

There’s been so much talk about Peace’s second LP, if I wasn’t a fan I’d probably be sick of it. But the question on everyone’s lips is will LP2 live up to their incredible debut, In Love, and more importantly, EP Delicious? The latter is probably impossible because their cover of Binary Finary's 1998 is simply magic. Alas, I am one of the (seemingly) few that has complete faith in the new record. 

It’s released this coming Monday (9th Feb) and we’ve already heard more of it than you’d expect. The first single to drop was Money, which they’ve actually been playing live since 2013. World Pleasure and Lost On Me followed suit, and after the album announcement came the reveal of Gen Strange, I’m A Girl, Happy People and an acoustic rendition of Someday. So as far as the non-bonus album goes, we’ve heard almost all of it, and so far, it’s sounding pretty amazing. Lost On Me is the indie-pop song to end all indie-pop songs and the bass breakdown in World Pleasure shows off Sam’s incredible bass skills which are often overlooked. I’m A Girl is the song that convinced a lot of people that Peace hadn’t lost their edginess, it had just been shaped into something brand new. What really kept my faith in Peace was the release of the acoustic version of Someday. It finds Harry K stripped back to basics, with most of the song being just him and a guitar. Someday is a backwardly romantic song, with Koisser crooning over loneliness and how “It’s not what fate intended/but it’s how it ended up/I hope someday you find someone to love.” For a song on an album called Happy People, it’s quite the opposite, but nonetheless beautiful. 

Peace did a live session for Radio 1 broadcast from Maida Vale on Wednesday night, (4th Feb) and played four tracks, including two covers. They opened with I’m A Girl and truth be told it sounds even better live. Harry’s voice sounds slightly strained, but you must remember they are in the middle of a 29-date tour, so he can probably be excused for occasionally going slightly gravelly. In the interview, it said it was the “lifestyle” catching up with him, so there’s no doubt they’re having as much fun as they possibly can on this tour. They then played a beautiful version of Someday which once again stunned me, before briefly covering Since I’ve Been Lovin You by Led Zep. 

Their final song was another cover of possibly one of the best pop songs released in recent months. It’s no secret I am a huge fan of Charli XCX and when Peace began to cover Doing It, well safe to say I was excited. In the words of Zane Lowe himself, it could have either been dreadful, or brilliant. Thankfully, it was 100% the latter. They took an electro-pop song and made it a dark, riff-filled, grainy guitar track. It’s pretty much been on repeat since I heard it.

The new singles, the Maida Vale session and the sold out 29-date tour shows just how far this band have come and no matter what people say, this band have grown and developed for the better and I for one cannot wait for the release of the record. It may be no EP Delicious, but it’s the new and improved Peace, and who really cares anyway because they’re still playing 1998 at their live shows.

Full review of Happy People and two live dates to follow next week. 

(Written by Poppy Marriott)