5 Feb 2015

Spector / All The Sad Young Men (single review)

"I don't wanna make love, I don't wanna make plans, I don't want anyone to wanna hold my hand" is sung over a deep synth thudding by Fred Macpherson, as Spector whisk through a nostalgic anthem, also known as their latest single. All The Sad Young Men comes from their next album and if ATSYM is anything to go by, it's going to be just as phenomenal as their debut. 

The consistent electro beat holds the song together but the many layers of differently pitched synths in contrast to the guitars is what gives it the true Spector's sound. They've clearly gone away and worked hard one the way they want to sound and the end result? A polished and musically improved take on their first album. Macpherson's vocals sound strong and devilishly handsome as always, and the track as a whole is truly stunning. The song screams youth, it's a tale of woe, heartache and independence and come summer, I'm certain it will be a sing-a-long anthem for crowds upon crowds of emotional teenagers and reminiscing adults alike. 

(Written by Poppy Marriott)