5 Feb 2015

Unknown Mortal Orchestra are back with a BANGER - new song, new album, and tour dates

After releasing two of the most individual and unique psychedelic pop albums of the past few years, II and their self-titled, Unknown Mortal Orchestra have returned with news of both a new album and a new track, both of which go by the name of Multi-Love.

Electronically driven around a cosmic-sounding piano motif, from an old synthesiser that frontman has dusted off for 2015, Multi-Love is both dreamlike and something you can dance to at the same time. It's dreamy atmospherics are met by the rallying drums that make their other albums fantastic. In this case they drums are kind of used as melodic kicks up the arse, as they harry along the especially soulful vocals of Ruban Nielson.

It's very much more of the same, as they've pretty much got their sound down to a tee. Whilst I wouldn't so much say that it's a kinda game-changing genre-defining single, like UMO are probably capable of, it's a very, very solid effort that leads way for a really great album to follow at the end of May. Multi-Love comes out on May 26, and if you're interested the tracklisting looks a little like this;

1. Multi-Love
2. Like Acid Rain
3. Ur Life One Night
4. Can’t Keep Checking My Phone
5. Extreme Wealth and Casual Cruelty
6. The World Is Crowded
7. Stage or Screen
8. Necessary Evil
9. Puzzles

As well as that, UMO are also going on tour, and the full dates can be seen here, but to save you the trouble of searching haplessly for the very few UK dates, in May they're playing Bristol Thekla, Islington's Assembly Hall in London, Warwick University, and Liverpool's Sound City, as well as 6music's festival, which is on the Tyneside. If you're lucky enough to have them play near you, it's a must to see them, because after a genius performance at End Of The Road I can honestly say they're one of the best bands on the circuit at the moment.