7 Mar 2015

BABE PUNCH / Snake Tongue (single review)

Riot grrrl punk rock as a movement of the 90's was one of the single most empowering in the history of music; it not only gave young female musicians a platform on which they were equal to men, but it was a female dominated genre that gunned to dismantle the patriarchy. And yes, I know that was the 90's, but even in 2015, not only are the messages that Hole, Babes In Toyland and L7 sang about still relevant, but the spirit of riot grrrl punk rock is still so prevalent in underground music.

BABE PUNCH are a five-piece riot grrrl band from Nottinghamshire-ish whose members are all, despite their venomous, angry sound, still at school in their mid and early teens. Out today came Snake Tongue, their debut single, and it's fantastic. Loud, dissonant guitars, a stomping rhythm section and uncompromising feminist make it a scintillating listen. It's not just a great release for a group of people even younger than me, but it's a great track that might just be amongst the best new music I've heard all year.

Available to stream,  Snake Tongue's out now via BABE PUNCH's soundcloud. Check it out, fall in love with them, and support this incredible, incredibly young band. If you thought that The Strypes were pretty neat for being a band of people in their mid-teens, you're going to think BABE PUNCH are the most amazing thing in the world.

...it's no wonder Mike Joyce is a fan.

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