1 Mar 2015

FEBRUARY : A Month In Singles

Palma Violets / Danger In The Club
With an opening melody that almost echoes a nursery rhyme, the comeback single from Lambeth rockers Palma Violets is a grown up version of their chaotic and explosive LP, 180. It’s fast, furious and you can hear all the influences brilliantly. With a brief harmonica solo in the middle, it’ll be interesting to hear how well this is replicated live, but for now, Palmas are back and on top form.

The Cribs / Burning For No-one
The next single from The Cribs’ comeback album is exactly what you’d expect. Gorgeously melodic, lyrically clever and put simply, just a bloody good song. The video features the band swimming with pigs and no matter how bizarre that may seem, it captures the happy care-free attitude of this song.

Yak / Hungry Heart
Complete mayhem is guaranteed when Yak are onstage. The London 3-piece got their record deal on the strength of one song and that's quite something. Fat Possum signed them because Plastic People was so great, but after that they upped their game, and took it to the next level with Hungry Heart, the perfect song for their debut single. It's is a whirling three minutes of what we'd describe as "psychosis rock" meets psychedelic punk. It's crazy, and it's exciting, and it's one of the more amazing songs to emerge this decade.

The Wombats / Emoticons
A whiny and distorted riff layered over an electronic pop beat opens the next single from The Wombats’ next album. It’s a slower and less chaotic that the previous single Greek Tragedy but it’s just as catchy. The Wombats’ are taking Glitterbug in a much poppier direction and although some of the die-hard fans may not like it, I think this is a progressive development for the band and I cannot wait to see where it goes next.

Marina and The Diamonds / I'm A Ruin
The newest release from FROOT is an electro-pop ballad with a venomous bite. “I’ll ruin, yeah I’ll ruin you/I’ve been doing things I shouldn’t do.” The lyrics don’t echo the squeaky clean melody, in fact quite the opposite. It’s a strong single and I look forward to the reveal of the rest of LP3.

Swim Deep / To My Brother
Swim Deep's comeback takes them in a space-y electro direction, miles away from their feel-good, sun-kissed indie pop debut from 2013. It's not miles away from their -almost-slightly-shoegazey-influences- in She Changes The Weather but it's completely fresh and it's definitely working for them. They sound tight musically and it holds great promise for the future of Swim Deep. 

Haim and Calvin Harris / Pray To God
A huge electro pop tune with an indie girl band twist, Pray To God is on course to be the sound of the summer. Taken from Calvin Harris' newest album, it stand out from the rest of his classic electronic because of the Haim girls who take it from being just another pop song with their angelic layered vocals. Also listen carefully and you'll hear the sampled riff from Stevie Nicks' Edge of Seventeen.

Florence + the Machine / What Kind Of Man
Florence burst back onto the scene this month with her dreamy ethereal vocals dripping in electronic energy, making for a phenomenal 3 minutes of the freshest take on pop music there is. With Florence playing new music at intimate shows and the reviews being nothing but incredible popular, I look forward to her next single and in time, the album.  

Only Real / Can't Get Happy
After announcing his debut album, Only Real dropped Can't Get Happy and I personally think it's one of his best tracks to date. This jangle-pop melody would otherwise fade into the background if it not for an out of place chord here and despite being incredibly strong, the riffs are surprisingly not the highlight of the song. The highly accented lyrics spat out over the guitars take this track from very good, to absolutely brilliant. Definitely one of the artists to look out for in 2015, big things are ahead. 

Slaves / Feed The Manta-ray
The Jamie-T-meets-Drenge two piece, Slaves, have released a brand spanking new chaotic anthem. Feed The Manta-ray is full of filthy riffs, entertaining lyrics [see: "GOD I FUCKING HATE YOU TIM" or "I DON'T REALLY HATE YOU TIM"] This is the first single from their next album Are You Satisfied and it proves that this punk duo are only getting better. 

Circa Waves / T-Shirt Weather
The newest single from Circa's debut album [release date 30th March 2015] reeks of festivals and summer and makes you dream of the sunny season. It's fun, fresh and young and a real step-up for this band. Their debut album comes out next month and I have every faith it will do nothing but benefit them. 

Zola Jesus / Hunger
Hunger opens with an brass based electronic riff which remains the driving force of this entire track. It's sassy,  Zola's voice sounds incredibly strong and it shows off her potential to grow as an artist. With this exceptional song now under her belt, there's no limitations to where she can go. 

Theme Park / Something Good
The new single from Theme Park comes away from their dreamy guitar pop releases from the past two years and throws it into a whole new ball game. There's layers of synths and artificial rhythm sections intertwined with the original guitars and drums. It's another song that makes you long for summer and with a track like this, I predict they'll be popping up at many festivals up and down the country. 

Kid Wave / Wonderlust
Kid Wave are one of my personal favourite up-and-coming bands. I think they fit the perfect indie band stereotype but they have something about them that makes them stand out from the rest. It's slacker-rock meets the 90's meets dream-pop and they're all bathing in the golden rays, a million miles away from Sweden where two of the band members originate from. Kid Wave's debut album Wonderlust comes out on the 1st June this year and it has potential to be one of the best releases of this year.

Piano Wire / Are You The Vaccine?

Over here at Vapour Trail we are passionate about helping up-and-coming bands get the recognition they deserve. Piano Wire are absolute favourites of ours and their debut album shows off just how talented they are. It's the finest in chaotic noise-pop and well worth a listen. This band will go far and they deserve every bit of success they get. 

Best Coast / California Nights
Newest single California Nights is five minutes of Bethany's [Cosentino] dreamy vocals laid over a melody which shows Best Coast's progression as a band. Gone are the days of just plain surf-pop, this shows off all their alt-rock influences from the 90's and the result? A mesmerising and ethereal track that holds great promise for Best Coast's next album.

Honeyblood / No Big Deal
Honeyblood's debut album was one of the absolute stand outs of last year. The two piece girl band burst onto the scene and since then they've worked hard to keep the hype around them going. This new single does exactly that. No Big Deal is slower than most of the songs on their debut and this style really works for them. Stina's [Tweeddale] voice sounds angelic but still retains the strength she always has. 

(written by Poppy Marriott)