18 Mar 2015

FROOT / Marina + The Diamonds (album review)

The third studio album from electro-pop darling Marina + The Diamonds is proof that pop music is alive and well. ‘Froot’ is full of catchy hooks, choruses to die for and so much dance-ability, it’s impossible to dance when listening. 

Don’t be fooled though, it’s not your typical pop music, ‘Froot’ has dark undertones, tackling personal issues in the most playful way possible. Things take a tear-jerking turn on track 6, Happy. “I found what I'd been looking for in myself/Found a life worth living for someone else/Never thought that I could be, I could be happy” Seemingly anomalous with it's deep lyrics amongst the rest of the positively pop-y album, Marina bares her soul and it’s truly stunning, but this is not the only time. Blue’s catchy chorus tells us “I don’t want to be blue anymore” and the opening lines of Forget tell us that “there’s a force that carries me on.” It’s the inner workings of Marina's heart coated in modern dance music, and in true Marina style, it's phenomenal. Although the album is leaps and bounds on from the excessive characterisation of Electra Heart, it’s still modelled in the same way. ‘Froot’ feels like a more mature version of her two previous albums, and she has definitely not lost her talent for writing a perfect pop song. 

Marina + The Diamonds is often overlooked as a pop artist, but I think the success that 'Froot' has already had despite being out only a few days shows that this is finally her time.

Highlights: Froot, I'm A Ruin, Happy, Savages