1 Mar 2015

GIRL POWER : A Vapour Trail playlist inspired by Riot Grrrl

This playlist is a celebration of the Riot Grrrl bands and female icons who have come and gone and in some cases, come back, or in fact, never even left. It's a big fuck you to the people who said girls can't do punk because with a playlist boasting Bikini Kill, Hole and Joan Jett alongside so many more phenomenal females, I think this tiny playlist on this independent blog proves that woman are able to do punk rock, just as well, as if not better than men. 

FIND ALL THE SONGS HERE: (with the exception of the perfect pussy track because it's not on youtube, apologies) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zug8C4KcGfQ&list=PLM52nJBnr7cq2Apq7sm1HirBh_AKHq5jw