23 Mar 2015

Menace Beach at Norwich Arts Centre (live review)

Before Friday Night night, I thought it was impossible for a band to play less that 45 minutes and for it to be as impressive as the regular 90 minute slot. But sure as heck, Menace Beach proved that wrong. They came on stage and reeked havoc in short two minute blasts placing them up there with some of the best bands I have ever seen live. They didn't just meet my [already incredibly high] expectations, they smashed them out of the water. Opening with the screeching scuzz-fest that is Teenage Jesus before keeping the chaos going with Dig It Up. One of the major highlights of the short set had to be, Tastes Like Medicine and the crowd would agree with me. For a crowd of about 200 people, carnage wasn't expected, but it happened anyway. Voices filled the room, singing along with the rare lyrics you can actually make out from the guitars and once it had began it didn't stop until the band walked off stage. Other highlights included the oh-so-90's, Tennis Court, and my personal favourite from the album, Come On, Give Up. The set came to a close with the rowdiest, fastest and loudest song MB have ever made. Lowtalkin' was the perfect end to a perfect set.

We had a brief chance to chat with Ryan and Liza after the gig and I have to say that they are two of the most genuine people I have ever met. We thanked them for the show and talked about the record and you could tell they really appreciated every compliment we payed them and well deserved of course. Overall the show was phenomenal and I cannot wait for the opportunity to see them again.

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