8 Mar 2015


The first time I saw Wolf Alice as a headline act was in a tiny venue with about 80 people in. I'd seen them support Peace to even less people the year before, but following the release of their debut single Fluffy they embarked on a April/May tour in 2013 and I was lucky enough to catch them live. Since those two shows, I've seen them 6 times and finally, the day has come that they have announced their debut album.

Having the privilege to watch a band grow for almost three years has been amazing and the journey has only just begun. The album entitled My Love Is Cool comes out on the 22nd June following a massive UK tour in March/April. The band have debuted the first single to come from this album, Giant Peach and although it was released as part of the VEVO Introduces in December, this is the slicker, studio version. And my God it's good. The riffs are darker, the breakdown is chaotic and they have never sounded tighter musically as a band.

In an interview with the NME, the band spoke about My Love Is Cool and said"it's 100 per cent not a grunge record" and that "it will surprise people" They also spoke about how they've been experimenting with playing their instruments and using their voices differently. As far as the old singles making an appearance on the LP, I wouldn't count on it. They've been playing some of those songs since 2012 and if, as they say they are, trying to move on and become a band who doesn't succumb to guitar band stereotypes, then they will more than likely leave the singles behind. Gone are the Fluffy days, this is the time of Giant Peach, Swallow Tale, Lisbon and Silk. No doubt some of the songs they've been debuting at live shows will make an appearance such as You're A Germ.

Since the very first time I ever Wolf Alice and saw them live, I've known that they'll go far. Ellie has one of the most uniquely strong voices I've ever heard and Joff and Theo know how to write and perform a catchy as hell melody. Add in Joel to drive the whole operation with his chaotic drumming and you've got yourself the next biggest band to storm the UK. Three years ago I watched them thrash out a messy version of Fluffy to about 20 people and now in 2015, they've sold out Shepherd's Bush Empire in London and countless other venues around the country. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have watched this band grow and grow and grow, and I know that the second My Love Is Cool is released, Wolf Alice will blow up and I couldn't be more proud.

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