15 Apr 2015

Circa Waves / Young Chasers (album review)

Circa Waves' debut album somehow manages to capture the very essence of summer within catchy riffs and pop hooks without losing any artistic integrity in terms of lyrics. One of the most promising young bands, this album definitely does their ever-expanding talent justice.

Get Away is an explosive 2 minutes with a standout chorus you can sing your heart out to; much like many of the tracks on this album. T-Shirt Weather, Stuck In My Teeth and the other singles are of course the most memorable moments from this LP, but the truly striking moment comes in the form of the title track. "Make your mind up/And I’ll chase you through the seats/The chase will wind up/I got blood on the soles of my feet" is wailed over a thrashing chorus which simply screams summer in every single way. The album has a very definitive house style to it, with most of the tracks following the same structure and having the same rhythms and chords. Nonetheless it works within the context because of the happy and upbeat themes running through the thirteen tracks. 

This album definitely joins the ranks of fantastic debuts, despite being fairly similar throughout. It's fun, fresh and new and as long as Circa's continue to develop the sound in the way they have, then they have potential to stick around for a long time.