3 Apr 2015

Follakzoid / III (album review)

You know that Pink Floyd track at the start of Meddle that rocks and pulses it's way through what 6 minutes of what might be the Floyd's best post-Syd moment, all the while sounding unlike anything else in both Pink Floyd or anyone else's discography? Well, that's what Follakzoid do - their whole sound is like One Of These Days kranked up to eleven through a range of psychedelic soundscapes, innovative drum sounds, and nasal trancey vocals.

III is, as you'd imagine, their third album, and it's probably as far away from an easy listen as you can get, but once you take the plunge and put it on, it's a record that you can't pull yourself away from. Over the course of two sides of vinyl, 4 ten-minute long songs, and a complete trip for the senses, the Chilean 3-piece get themselves deep into your soul with their hypnotic rhythms and subtle build-ups.

The basic premise of every bit of music is very similar; motorik, rhythmic pulses, but it's the subtle differences between the songs that make it all too easy to listen to it four times over in a row without getting remotely bored. Electric's use of more traditional, thumping African-style percussion makes the album's opening gambit maybe the most memorable part of the record, whilst the spiralling experimentalism of the synths that caress Feuerzeug show that the 'Zoid have more than just that Neu-gone-loco sound that 2013's II showcased.

So yeah; there's so much more to say about this record; it's a perfectly honed South American psych record that pushes all the right buttons - a brilliant psychedelic trip that whirls you here, there, and everywhere. If psychedelia's your thing, Follakzoid are your thing, and this record is another significant step in the career of Santiago's finest.

You can stream Follakzoid's III - HERE, on their label's soundcloud