3 May 2015

CLUES / Confused/Mr Wayne (single review)

Although maybe it's not had the breakthrough bands that respective scenes in Leeds, Birmingham, or even Brighton, the Hampshire coast is home to many, many great bands at the moment. You've got Wild Smiles, who released one of 2014's standout debut LPs, as well as surf-punks FEVER, psych-band Dead Rabbits, and the grebo sleaze of Rickyfitts. But now, although we've mentioned them on Vapour Trail before, CLUES are here and ready to make their mark on the scene with their debut single, Confused/Mr Wayne. Both tracks are already on their soundcloud, and both show a brilliant indie rock band at their best.

Confused is the first track; it's the brighter, most upbeat of the two, and through escalating guitar sounds it also reaches a bit of a state of euphoria in that kind of math-rock way that Two Steps Twice by Foals does. As well as that though, it's powered by some brilliant vocals - on Confused they're like Telegram's Matt Saunders, and combine with the guitar part to make for some sun-kissed perfection.

The other track is Mr Wayne, which has a much more punky edge. Here, the vocals sound more like Jason Pierce's on Spiritualized's Come Together, and the guitar is a lot rawer, driving the track through the stages in a kind of Cribs-meet-Stooges way. It's incredibly energetic, probably the highlight of the two, and just generally a fantastic out and out pop song.

Although they're a very young band, CLUES are remarkably assured, and have a much more polished sound than almost any band their age I've ever heard. As well as that, the songs are perfectly structured, short and punchy, with all the right influences. With this release the band have laid down the formations for future material to be really, really exciting.

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[written by calum cashin].