23 May 2015


OK so literally everyone loves Eurovision. For one night a year you can enjoy crappy Euro-pop sang by elaborately dressed people from countries that you've only heard of because England have drawn nil-nil with them in EC qualifiers.

Now there's no denying that Eurovision is fun no matter what your music taste is, but really, for the rest of the year, no one wants to listen 24/7 to Azerbaijani boy-bands and Moldovan divas, really. So what I went and did was scout out some great, new bands from all over the continent that you will LOVE. Here's some bands from Europe that you probably haven't heard, but probably will love.

From Denmark, psych-garage revivalists BABY JESUS
Baby Jesus kick this list off, and they're a band we've covered before on Vapour Trail, back a few months ago, when we gave their debut self-titled album more than 9/10. Basically, they're a mysterious 5-piece, and their sound relies on a screaming organ, no nonsense, hard-hitting rock and roll, and reverb drenched guitars. Their album's had like, like, 38 (not joking) plays on soundcloud, and that's just nuts. They're an incredible band, and their whole debut is available for streaming right here.

FFO: The Stooges, The Velvets, Hookworms, first album era Horrors, Les Rallizes Denudes

As well as that, Denmark's capital is home to THE WANDS
Another band from Denmark, psyching it right up is The Wands, who make angular psych-pop that combines wandering organ parts and robotic voices. Last year, they owned everything, their album The Dawn was our #8 of best LP all the year, and I think their gig in a local Southampton haunt was one of my gigs of the year too. They're incredible, and whilst their album's quite pop-songy, live their songs are sprawling live space-jams.

FFO: Revolver, The Doors, Syd's Floyd, The Teardrop Explodes

This band literally make music so beautiful it pains me, it's kind of like Slowdive cranked to the next level in terms of ambience and electric sounds. Their track Suddenlines appeared on a compilation I had to review, and it's still in my head now.

FFO: Slowdive, Kid A, Aphex Twin, Mogwai

And representing Russia, euphoric shoegazers PINKSHINYULTRABLAST
Pinkshinyultrablast are a band it took me a bit of time to take to; after reading someone in the Shoegaze, Nu-gaze And FASCISTS facebook group bill it as 'this generation's Loveless', they'd already indirectly given my cringe reflex such a workout I could clench my face into a fist. BUT NOW, later on, this band and their incredible euphoric, post-rock tones completely made me fall in love with them. It's very much what you've heard before, but it's a brilliant mbv/Ride/APTBS homage that you can't help but fall in love with.

FFO: My Bloody Valentine, Medicine, Ride, A Place To Bury Strangers, Explosions In The Sky

Ireland's offering; the almighty stomp of GIRL BAND
Look, everyone reading probably knows who Girl Band is, but because this is some kind of indie-psych-punk-DIY I thought using Ireland's space to plug them some more was the thing to do. Girl Band have guitar tones that are more on the techno side than anything, but they're wedged into angry punk songs with amazing energy, and they're just sorting out their album SO IT'S ALL VERY EXCITING.

FFO: Eagulls, Gang Of Four, Sonic Youth

Finland is home to THE SCENES
This band supported Bo Ningen not long ago, AND FUCK, they were amazing. A six piece with two guitarists, a sax-cum-keys player, and a singer that is quite literally a reborn 70's Iggy Pop. Their music is frenzied, experimental indie rock. They're a live act more than anything else, so if you get a chance to see The Scenes GET THE FUCK ON IT.

FFO: The Hives, The Stooges, The Cramps

The first band from France I've one for is HEREMETIC DELIGHT
They're some more shoegazers with a really nice sound. Like, it's the perfect balance between the reverby crunchy fuzz rock of Spacemen 3 and the total melting ethereality of My Bloody Valentine. Their singer also has a gorgeous and it kind of reminds me of Alanna from Joanna Gruesome, and whilst maybe overall you can gauge that they're kind of nothing new, listening to them is a lovely experience - just hear this Cure cover they do.

FFO: DIIV, My Bloody Valentine, Joanna Gruesome, Fleetwood Mac

And also, you can't forget about MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER
They're equally beautiful. I'm not actually sure if they're just the singer (whose name is Melody) or a whole band, but really either way the focal point is the singer; she has a voice which is similar to Trish Keenan's, and it leads the album into all kinds of gorgeous territory. I think they're putting out new material this year, so tighten ur seatbelts.

FFO: Mazzy Star, Broadcast, Widowspeak, GUM

Iceland's hottest new hopes are the incredible bubblegum-noise punks SINGAPORE SLING
Their garagey sound has it's roots in 60's psych garage, but ultimately it's more like the bright post-punk of the Teardrop Explodes and the fuzzy noise of Psychocandy. Although they've released a handful of albums already, they're criminally underrated over here in the UK, so check them out.

FFO: Teardrop Explodes, Joanna Gruesome, Suicide, Jesus and Mary Chain

Italy is a real hotspot for new bands ATM, the first is the grungedelic GO!ZILLA
They're an excellent rock and roll band that sound a bit like uhhh, you know The Horrors in the Mighty Boosh? Yeah, they're like an IRL Black Tubes. They're murky, surfy hypnotic sound is in a league of it's own, and the Firenze-based fuzzsters have a new album out now, called Sinking In Your Sea. A similar band to check out though too, are the Newcandys, signed to Fuzz Club, Italy's seemingly

FFO: King Gizzard, Fuzz, A Place To Bury Strangers, Joy Division

Slightly more obviously, no one's shut up about Spain's HINDS this year...
And it's not without reason; HINDS are quite rightfully being lauded as a really exciting indie-pop act. They come from Spain, but they've already played over here numerous times, and are booked for loads of festivals. They've got a bit of a garagey sounds with enough pop sensibilities to appeal to a broader audience, so don't be surprised to see them blow right up.

FFO: Peace, Warpaint, Foals

FINALLY, the one that's hardest to pick. The UK's entry to the post
For this I'll go for my absolute favourite upcoming band in the whole wide world, YAK. A classic power trio that make psychotic neo-psychedelia. At times they sound rampant and world-ending, then daydreamy, and then gothic and Nick Cave-ian. Basically, their incredible live shows, where stuff gets broken and speakers get blown, make them the most must see band there is, and there studio stuff is remarkable. If big things don't happen for Yak I'll be amazed, but for now you should check them out and love them as much as I love them.

FFO: Ty Segall, Velvet Underground, Drenge, Wytches


Thanks for reading this, and if ur in such a band - from Europe, or otherwise, email us @ vapourtrailblog@gmail.com