3 May 2015

Palma Violets @ Norwich Waterfront (live review)

Palma Violets round 3 took me back to the venue in which I saw them first. A year and a half ago four hooligans blew away an audience of sweaty, beer soaked teenagers, despite having barely left adolescence themselves. At this show, it was the same band with the same high-energy, chaotic larks and anthemic tracks, but the boys were no longer boys.

Opening with new track Secrets of America before launching into the familiar Rattlesnake Highway, it was clear the magic had not been lost. The crowd went crazy for every screeching riff and crash of the drums and sang along to the point that Sam [Fryer] could hardly be heard over the screaming audience. It was clear that night that the crowd was up for anything. Old songs, new songs, covers? Absolutely fine whatever, the audience lapped it up and went totally batshit. The classics like We Found Love and Tom The Drum, were just as incredible as expected, but English Tongue and Matador caused equally as much excitement and chaos. The main set came to a close with my all-time favourite PV's song, Johnny Bagga' Donuts. It was a blur of sweat, beer, blood, screaming and half of the band jumping into the crowd. As they walked off stage, the rapturous chanting began. "PALMA, PALMA VIOLETS, PALMA VIOLETS, PALMA PALMA VIOLETS" went on for a few minutes before they walked back on stage and launched straight into Danger In The Club. A definite highlight came during this song, when their roadie suddenly appeared on stage and performed the short harmonica solo, much to everyone's astonishment.

The set finished with 14 and as it was the last chance of the night to go absolutely mental, the crowd took that opportunity. There was countless crowd surfers, (including Harry Violent who made an appearance at the end) limbs and hair flying everywhere and the crowd yelling lyrics at the top of their lungs and from the bottoms of their hearts. It was a truly special moment to experience and it proved to everyone in that room that this band are here to stay.


(written by Poppy Marriott)