23 Jun 2015


I can't really pin down what I'd call my favourite genre, but ummm, if there's a genre tag that could encompass the alt-rock scene of NYC where Sonic Youth et al made a lotta noise, the Thames Valley shoegaze scene, and then maybe stuff inspired by that a little like the BJM, then that's my favourite genre. They're all cut from a similar sonic cloth, I'd say, but there isn't really a word that perfectly describes them all at once.

HOWEVER, so frustrated by this, because I couldn't make a playlist of this sort and give it a coherent title, I thought 'FUCK YOU, FUCK YR GENRE TAGS I'M GOING TO MAKE A PLAYLIST OF SONIC YOUTH AND SHOEGAZE AND THE BJM AND EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME'. This ultimately led to me putting together a playlist, and scratching my head about what to call it, before deciding that the one thing that all the artists in my playlist idea were united by the theme that they kind of all reminded me a bit of culty films like Heathers and The Craft and The Virgin Suicides, and even the Perks of Being A bloody Wallflower (which, if yr too cool to know it is like a 90's cult film Hollywood-ised for 2012, but it does have the Cocteaus, Sonic Youth and Cracker's Low on it's soundtrack).

So anyway, I put together this playlist of favourites from the nineties-ish, and then favourites by bands that kinda echo that today, and then also Broadcast, Godspeed! and Explosions in the Sky who are kinda a halfway point for the noughties. Basically, this is a playlist of stuff I really love, like really really love, but can't quite squeeze into one genre.

You can listen to it here or above
The MELT DUNES and SWORDZZZ songs aren't on youtube, so check out EPICARICACY and CIVILIAN on our South Coast playlist