19 Jun 2015

Flyte / Closer Together (single review)

Flyte are a four-piece 'indie-pop' band hailing from London, their newest single Closer Together is, in my opinion, one of their best songs yet. Flyte are known for the dreamy guitars, swirling melodies and insightful lyrics - and this track does keeps that up. The funky guitars and delightful vocals make this track irresistible for summer, and make me even more excited for the imminent release of their debut album. The track stems from feelings of claustrophobia and frustration of living in close quarters, but evidently Flyte have been doused in a new energy with this track.

Closer Together is a coming of age song by a band who are growing up and about to make an impact. The ethereal and infectious nature of this track, and others such as We Are The Rain make them a joy to listen to. Flyte also happen to be mesmerising live, I saw them supporting Bombay Bicycle Club last year and they took my breath away, they've also supported Hinds and more recently, Lucy Rose. Flyte are making a new, refreshing sound and I can't wait to hear more. This song demonstrates that the band are on to something very special and we should all be paying attention to them. Things are only looking up for Flyte.

Closer Together is being released on the 31st of July by Island Records.
Check it out here