15 Jun 2015

Girlpool / Before The World Was Big (album review)

Girlpool is Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad. Two teenage friends from Los Angeles. Their debut album ‘Before The World Was Big’ was released on the 1st June via Wichita Recordings. It’s a story of love, adventure, growing up and most importantly, friendship - all wrapped up in perfect harmonies and delicate melodies. There are no complex riffs, no ten minutes guitar solos or ‘scream along moments,’ yet this album will resonate with so many teenagers as truly anthemic. 

Tranquilize me with your ideal world/I was taught what to believe/Now I'm only certain that no one is free.” For two girls so young, their awareness of the world is extensive. Ideal World is a kick in the teeth of anyone who’s ever tried to change them, and the title track is about appreciating the freedom you have when you’re young.

This album may be calmer and more harmonic that the fast paced and brash self titled EP, but there is still so much power behind the words that Tividad and Tucker layer upon simplistic, but atmospheric chord patterns. Perhaps the most evidence that less is most definitely more comes within Cherry Picking. An intricate web of personal stories and complete emotional exposure, it’s quite possibly the most beautiful and intimate song on this album. 

To sum up, Before The World Was Big is a harmonic blend of love and friendship, given to us by two of the freshest, and most exciting faces in music today. 


'before the world was big' is out now via Wichita Recordings and you can/should buy it HERE

(written by poppy marriott)