28 Jun 2015

Kanye West Is The Greatest Living Rockstar On The Planet

Rising from the midst of a hate-storm, Kanye West appeared on stage at Glastonbury to one of the most incredible receptions in years. Deafening applause, hugely animated fans, and a crowd more than capable of belting out every word back at the man. A huge crowd, exactly what the huge, huge talent (and ego) of Kanye West is completely and utterly worth of, right? RIGHT.

Well, a few people don't think so, and by a few I mean loads. Loads of (certainly) close-minded, (certainly) uptight, (potentially) closet racist music snobs, FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER, couldn't embrace Kanye (and if you want proof these FUCKBOYS exist try here, here and both the comments AND the actual petition here). I think a lot of the general hatred for Kanye comes for a variety of reasons; people are intolerant to difference, people aren't happy that he isn't a white guitar band, and people are just small minded fucks that haven't given the man a fair chance.

In fact, as I tweeted my general disgust for people that fall into the right circle of my diagram, I got an overwhelming response of "I'm not racist, I love Bloc Party!!!!", "Lad yer completely wrong he's just a pile of shit" "mate is this a joke he's just shit", which was entertainment in itself, especially because WHEN I CONFRONTED these white hetero male LADS about it they had no general response. It's these closed-minded snobs that were calling for West to be replaced with a (white) (boring) rock band, in case - with The Foo Fighters and The Who being the headliners 'til a week and a bit ago - there wasn't enough boring white rock bands playing already. But who needs to dredge up the corpses of the bloody Who or Fleetwood Mac or anyone else like that. With Kanye West, Glasto had already booked the greatest rock star on the planet - and you can't even hate West for knowing that he's the greatest rock star on the planet.

Kanye has an admirable arrogance to him, in the same rock 'n' roll way that makes the likes of the Gallagher Brothers, Hendrix, Keith Moon and John Bonham so appealing in the eyes of the public. Like great singers that want social change, he stands up completely for what he believes in, and when he makes mistakes, like the Beck-scenario, he's also happy to apologise with a hell of a lot of humility. Sure he's arrogant, and larger than life, but name one culturally significant 'rockstar' that isn't?! You can't. And people will tell you Kanye can't be a real rockstar, because he doesn't play actual 'rock'; I mean, what makes someone a rockstar is kinda subjective, but because whilst I think it's confined to music (or art), you can be a rockstar no matter what genre of music you play; Pete Doherty's in an indie band, Prince writes pop songs, Thom Yorke (the greatest of them all, according to a commenter on an NME article) writes ambient electronica, and Anton Newcombe, probably the only person nearly as rock 'n' roll as Kanye JUST PUT OUT A (fucking brilliant) ALBUM OF MELLOTRON SOUNDTRACK PIECES, to go with a back catalogue of psychedelia. Of course you don't need to play rock music to be a rockstar.

And like almost everyone I mentioned above, West has the material to justify the mouth; 6 albums, almost all brilliant; My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has a 9.4 on metacritic, and is Any Decent Music's 5th greatest album of all time (both of these sites aggregate critical reviews to come up with an average score), whilst all of his other releases are ALL highly acclaimed across the board. Whether you see it or not, Kanye's music is loved by many, highly technical, well-produced, and far more intelligently put together than 99% of indie guitar rock.

He has a big ego? Of course, but he's one of the few people with an ego that can justify it with brilliant music, and if you've discarded his art without giving it a fair chance and signed a petition to get him removed YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO MUSIC FANS. Last night, his performance of hit-after-hit proved to anyone with an open-mind that Kanye West is at worst a highly talented individual, good at what he does, and at the best, Kanye West is the best in the game, a real hero, and the best headliner Glastonbury has had for years.