22 Jun 2015

MY MAD FAT DIARY (a playlist)

My Mad Fat Diary is back tonight for the third and final series. For those of you who don't know, MMFD is a tv show set in 1996 in Lincolnshire. The show tells the tragic and humorous story of a very troubled young girl Rae, who has just left a psychiatric hospital, where she has spent four months after attempting suicide, begins to reconnect with her best friend Chloe and her group, who are unaware of Rae's mental health and body image problems, believing she was in France for the past four months. It's got one of the best soundtracks, the characters are hilariously relatable and the storyline itself is truly heartwarming. You can expect much of the same in S3, as the character begin the last few months of their college life and deal with the stresses of university and growing up.

As huge fans of the show, we put together a playlist inspired by MMFD in light of the shows return tonight, and you can listen to it here!


Also in the next few days we will have a review of tonight's episode live on the blog.

(written and designed by Poppy Marriott)
(with help from IMDb who I nicked the synopsis off)